Stretching to straighten the back and lengthen the legs

To stretch the hamstrings and lower back and buttocks, you can try the “pinch” or forward bending, one of the best known exercises of the stretching.

«Sit on the ground, buttocks well supported, spine relaxed, gaze facing you; then he stretches his legs forward, parallel and slightly apart, with hammer feet. The hands are resting on the sides of the hips, ”he explains Elena Busconetrainer and massage therapist in Milan.

«Always keeping the spine straight, begin to flex the torso forward, sliding your hands on your legs and bringing the abdomen towards the thighs. If he can, he grabs his toes. Stay like this for 25-30 seconds, then return to the starting position, take a short break and repeat 5 times in total. Do not force the stretch: it must be progressive, with deep and relaxed breathing, never in apnea ».



To ensure perfect execution, keep your arms straight at all times, with your hands resting on your toes. If you have little flexibility in the pelvis and back, and cannot touch the toes, stop with your hands at the level of the ankles or shins. The exercise will be equally effective.


It plays a very important role, because it gives direction to the movement. Keep the head always aligned with the spine by slightly bringing the chin towards the breastbone, with the mouth relaxed. Never stare at your knees: your gaze must be directed forward.


Keep them parallel, slightly apart, with your knees straight but not hyperextended. Flex your hammer feet, with your heels flat on the ground and your toes up. Maintain this position for the duration of the exercise.


Keep it aligned, activating the abdomen during flexion: the spine therefore does not have to hump. Tilt your torso forward by starting the movement from your pelvis and pushing it back slightly, as if you want to slide with your buttocks. So you can bring your back forward without forcing.