Striscia La Notizia, Siani and Incontrada new conductors: indiscretion

Striscia La Notizia, Siani and Incontrada new conductors: indiscretion

The full names for the next season of the satirical news have started: Alessandro Siani and Vanessa Incontrada the most popular

Vanessa Incontrada, gorgeous curvy model

These are only indiscretions but their names have sprung up as possible new hosts of Striscia La Notizia: they are Vanessa Incontrada and Alessandro Siani, and for both it would be a real debut behind the counter of the satirical news of Canale 5.

By now the changing of the guard is given for the conduct of Striscia la Notizia, after the farewell of Ficarra and Picone; consequently, several hypotheses have opened: the most popular is the one that would see the presence of Alessandro Siani, actor and comedian of Neapolitan origin who would thus collect the legacy left by the couple of Sicilian comedians (who had greeted the public with a moving message) , now engaged on one of their projects that will see the light on the Netflix platform. Siani is currently working in the post-production of Who Framed Santa Claus, his film soon to be released in theaters.

At his side the indiscretions reported by Fanpage write the name of Vanessa Incontrada, an actress of Spanish origin who has now put long and strong roots in Italy, working in numerous television and non-television projects. Vanessa is currently busy filming the Fosca Innocenti series, where she stars alongside Francesco Arca.

Could the Incontrada then be able to reconcile shooting and running? It is not yet known but at the moment the forecast seems to take on more the contours of a great hope of the public to see her in the role of conductor of the Strip. On the other hand, she has never lacked self-irony and a comic streak, it is impossible not to think of the years in which she successfully led Zelig, alongside Claudio Bisio.

Currently in Striscia La Notizia the couple of conductors formed by Michelle Hunziker and Gerry Scotti are active, recently overwhelmed by the controversy over the little appreciated joke of almond eyes, on which the same Striscia promptly countered with various services on the subject to underline how it was just a play on words without any negative meaning towards the oriental people.

Controversy aside, the expectation is now growing to figure out who will take their place this summer in one of the longest-running television programs on Italian TV: Antonio Ricci conceived the format in 1988 and still remains one of the cornerstones of Mediaset programming.

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