Striscia la Notizia, Vanessa Incontrada and Siani at the helm: it's official

Vanessa Incontrada

Vanessa Incontrada and Alessandro Siani accept the unprecedented challenge: they will be at the helm of Striscia la Notizia for the first time

Vanessa Incontrada, gorgeous curvy model

The end of summer is almost upon us and the attention is all for the television season which will begin shortly. Faces already known and new faces will be present on the small screen to keep the Italian public company. In fact, there are many news that we will see on the air in the coming months. And also for Striscia la Notizia there will be changes.

Many professionals have passed behind the counter of the satirical news of Canale 5, including Ficarra and Picone, Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker, Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti. In the last few months, the curiosity to find out who would be kicking off the 34th edition of Striscia la Notizia had grown.

And what seemed to be just an indiscretion turned out to be a truth. To open this edition of the program, which will be aired again on Monday 27 September, there will be an unpublished couple that promises to make sparks: Vanessa Incontrada and Alessandro Siani.

Incontrada, who also returned to the Seat Music Award stage with Carlo Conti, did not let herself be frightened by the amount of commitments and enthusiastically took up the new challenge that was proposed to her. She, who has worked in the world of comedy for a long time, supporting Claudio Bisio in Zelig, thus returns to the side of a comic actor.

I am enthusiastic and happy – said Incontrda – to become part of the large family of Striscia la Notizia.

Siani, who has long been courted by Antonio Ricci, for his part will be able to bring all his talent, his jokes and his sympathy behind the counter of Striscia. In short, there is no doubt that together the two will be able to establish a good harmony and, above all, to create a fun atmosphere to brighten the evenings of the viewers.

Antonio – the actor confessed – provoked me in an attempt to make me sit behind the most famous counter in Italy, aware of my commitments at the cinema and at the theater, he continued to tease me as only he can. Then this year the turning point.

Probably, as happened in recent seasons, the two will not remain at the helm of the show for the duration of the television season. After a series of episodes, barring new changes, they will have to leave room for other drivers whose identity is still unknown. Presenters who have already tried the experience of leading the satirical news could return, or, just like in the case of Siani and Incontrata, Ricci could opt for totally new faces.

Will Vanessa Incontrada and Alessandro Siani, with their ironic personalities and their tendency to always get involved, be able to make themselves appreciated by the Striscia la Notizia audience?

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