Stroke: a drug succeeds in reducing mortality by half

Stroke: a drug succeeds in reducing mortality by half

A team of French researchers published yesterday the very promising results of a treatment for stroke. According to this phase 2 trial, Glenzocimab would reduce the risk of mortality by half.

The information revealed by Europe Inter this Tuesday, January 23 did not leave the medical world indifferent. A treatment for stroke, developed by a French company, could reduce patient mortality by half. Results published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet Neurology.

Mortality reduced by 50%!

Glenzocimab, developed by Acticor Biotech, aims to thin the blood in addition to thrombolysis, the treatment used for stroke, without increasing the risk of bleeding. To ensure this, the study was carried out in six European countries on 166 patients. The first part of the study (phase 1b) was carried out, according to the recommendations of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), with dose escalation and in parallel groups (125, 250, 500, 1000 mg and placebo) , followed by phase 2a at the selected dose of 1,000 mg versus placebo. And the results are very encouraging:

  • The incidence of symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) was found to be lower in the group treated with Glenzocimab (all doses combined) versus placebo (1% of symptomatic ICH in the group of patients taking Glenzocimab versus 8% in the placebo group. ) ;
  • A lower rate of asymptomatic ICH was observed on imaging, reaching 31% under Glenzocimab at all doses compared to 48% under placebo.
  • In the entire study population, a reduction in the number of deaths in the group treated with Glenzocimab, compared to the placebo (8% vs. 19%) was observed. Or a mortality reduced by 50%!

Faster recovery

Other positive side effects are emerging from this new trial phase. Indeed, it also seems that taking Glenzocimab improves neurological symptoms at 24 hours and functional autonomy at 90 days in particular, in elderly patients (65 years and over 80 years), in the most severe and those who have undergone thrombectomy.

“In total, there is a reduction in the number of patients with serious disability and/or deaths in the group treated with Glenzocimab; these results must be confirmed during phase 3 studies” indicates a press release on the subject.

Progress to follow closely

“We are very satisfied with these promising results which are unparalleled for several years and which reinforce our enthusiasm to continue the development of Glenzocimab in this indication. We will continue more detailed analyzes of the data, in order to better adapt the continuation of development and publish all the results in an international journal” rejoiced Doctor Gilles Avenard, Managing Director of Acticor Biotech.

A case to follow closely, as the subject is important: stroke remains to this day the leading cause of disability and the second cause of death in Europe, affecting nearly 130,000 people each year.