Students with SLD: this is how I learn

Students with SLD: this is how I learn

There is no one correct way to teach and learn. "The more math you do the more you learn" works for many, but not everyone.

Students with SLD: this is how I learn. Convinced that there is no single correct way to teach and learn, we asked Valentina Secchi, tutor of a specialist after-school, to tell us about her experience.

"The more math exercises you do, the more you learn" Those who have never heard this phrase said by a math teacher raise your hand. And even our Decidedly Super Charming kids (students with SLD) happens a lot, alas. And it was Luigi himself who the other day in our after-school service brought us this unhappy phrase from his teacher. “But I understood the procedure and so I concentrated on other tasks” replied Luigi. And our boy is good, he has understood that repeating math exercises an infinite number of times does not serve to train any kind of automatism, if automatism is not a condition that his brain can develop. Often at school the learning style of each child is not taken into account, unique to each one. When it comes to ASD, it is believed that a strategy that works with one guy can work with everyone. This is not the case, according to the different learning styles, teaching strategies can be created:

  • Auditory style: I learn by listening
  • Visual style: I learn through images
  • Kinesthetic style: I learn by moving
  • Verbal style: I learn through words.

Sometimes even parents have some uncertainty as to which method is most useful to children in the study. Sometimes the parent feels the importance of the good grade strongly, much more than the child and often this anxiety is at the expense of the study method and I, as the mother of a decidedly Super Charming boy, know something about it. This is the case of Lucia who the other day in the after-school program had to study the names of the countries in English. To learn them we created a small debate in the group on the flags of each state, trying to understand which states we knew, or had visited, perhaps on vacation. We tried to combine the abstract concept of a name with a concrete and colorful reality like that of flags. Lucia's dad told us at the end of the day that Lucia should only know the nations not the flags. This dad was not yet clear that we must get to memory through a hook, a glue and this time we found flags, an underrated activity since for example I found myself really unaware of the existence of some, and of the appearance and colors of others. An example? I challenge anyone to tell me what the flag of Albania is like! Valentina Secchi After School D + Definitely Super Charming – Milan

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