Stuffed vegetables: all the mistakes we make most often

Stuffed vegetables: all the mistakes we make most often

Stuffed vegetables are a unique dish to be enjoyed on any occasion: here are all the mistakes we make most often.

The stuffed vegetables I’m not just a side but they can also become a delicious single dish to be served on any occasion. Ideal for an outdoor lunch, practical to take to the beach or for a picnic.

stuffed vegetables mistakes

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Now that the beautiful days are coming, they are a perfect dish to be consumed with friends, in the company of guests or simply with the family. We will be able to range on different types of vegetables. From the classics tomatoes with courgettes, passing through artichokes, mushrooms, aubergines, peppers, potatoes and so on and so forth.

Also based on what we find in season, because we remember that it is always important to respect the seasonality of food, we will be able to prepare delicious stuffed vegetables as long as you don’t make these mistakes.

Here are the mistakes you shouldn’t make with stuffed vegetables

Stuffed vegetables have always represented a great classic in the kitchen. Versatile, tasty, tasty and perfect to serve as a single dish, or as a side dish, we can really prepare them however we like them.

stuffed vegetables mistakes

Source: Canva

From the meat with tuna, through rice, cheese or ricotta and, finally, even just with simple breadcrumbs. The ways to make them are really numerous. Hot, lukewarm or cold, we can serve them as we see fit.

Stuffed vegetables will be tasty in any case, as long as don’t make any mistakes which would compromise the result. Let’s think for example of soft and pulped vegetables.

Or vegetables that release water or are half raw. In short, mistakes can really be around the corner and falling into error is not that difficult. So let’s find out how to proceed and what are the missteps to avoid for excellent stuffed vegetables.

1) Do not empty the vegetables well. There are those who make the mistake of not emptying the vegetables well. If we have to fill we will also have to remove a part of the pulp. On the contrary, there are those who empty them too much and this then contributes to the breaking of the vegetables. Given that some vegetables are better suited than others to be filled, let’s think for example of peppers that already have a perfect shape to receive the filling, as well as round zucchini. Another issue is when we have to empty more difficult vegetables such as tomatoes or long courgettes, just to name a few. To do this we will have to consider leaving a wall of at least half a centimeter, being careful not to drill them. Also, emptying them evenly allows them to cook more evenly.

2) Discard the insides of the vegetables. The inside of the vegetables should not be thrown into the bin. On the contrary, we must use it as a filling by combining it with the other ingredients.

3) Do not remove the vegetation water. As we all know, vegetables are rich in water. From tomatoes to courgettes, passing through aubergines, many of them then contain more than others, so in this case it is good to make the vegetables lose their vegetation water otherwise we risk finding stuffed and mushy stuffed vegetables. To do this, just let them rest for 30 minutes to an hour upside down on a colander, adding a pinch of salt.

4) In any case, pre-cook the vegetables. If the filling cooks faster than the vegetables, we will have to pre-cook the vegetables, just blanch them in water, otherwise if the filling requires a slower cooking (think of a meat one) then either we fill them raw or on the contrary we do a light pre-cooking. of the filling. In short, you have to adjust according to the recipe and the vegetable. Therefore, there is no precise rule.

5) Don’t respect rest. When you combine several ingredients, the secret to enjoying the dish at its best is to let it rest, in this way the flavors will have time to blend together and flavor, making the dish special and tasty.

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