Such and such, Alessandra Amoroso defends Giulia Sol and the Enardu celebrate Pago

Alessandra Amoroso and farewell to Stefano Settepani: "In the past, little love for myself"

After the heavy attacks on Giulia Sol at "Tale e Quali Show", Alessandra Amoroso intervenes, while the Enardu cheers Pago

Tale and Which Show, from Pago to Carmen Russo: the most beautiful imitations to review

Alessandra Amoroso takes a stand and defends Giulia Sol after the last episode of Tale and Quali Show, while the Enardu celebrate Pago, winner of the tenth edition. In the last episode of Carlo Conti's program, Giulia had taken on the role of the singer from Salento, raising a crawl of controversy. Shortly after the live had revealed that he had received criticism, attacks and death threats. “My performance went viral – said Sol, venting on Instagram -. At first, when I saw that it ended up on a trash page, I laughed at it. The problem started when I began to review thousands, thousands, thousands of threats, insults, insults. Some people wished me death for doing an imitation in a program that is a game. I kept a press blackout about it because I didn't live it well at all. It has become very heavy ”.

To intervene in his defense, on the occasion of the broadcasting of Tale and Which Show, it was Alessandra Amoroso. “Good luck Giulia Sol for the episode of Tale and Which Show – he wrote on social media -. Murmurs, people murmur, silence them by practicing joy! For all the critics of last week: but give it a laugh! A hug to Carlo and all the competitors! ”. In the ranking of the episode Giulia was fifth, but to surprise everyone was Pago.

The Sardinian artist, who had already demonstrated his extraordinary skills, gave the best of himself. In the role of Bruce Springsteen he unleashed on the notes of Dancing in the dark. Many viewers and fans follow the program, in particular the Enardu sisters. Elga and Serena, together with their parents and a friend, watched the show, getting excited by the victory of Pago. “Proud of you,” wrote Elga, probably also interpreting the thought of her twin sister.

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