Such and such: Lidia Schillaci wins, controversy over Pieraccioni's joke

Lidia Schillaci

Lidia Schillaci triumphs at "Tale e Which Show", but Leonardo Pieraccioni's joke about Carlo Conti leads to discussion

Tale and Which Show, from Pago to Carmen Russo: the most beautiful imitations to review

Tale and Which Show is a triumph: Lidia Schillaci wins the tournament, but the controversy breaks out over Pieraccioni's joke against Carlo Conti. The host of the Rai program has finally returned to his seat on the occasion of the last episode of the broadcast. Lidia was elected champion of the 2020 edition after a tight challenge, between performances and great emotions. There have been many imitations, one more beautiful than the other, but the jury and the public were especially impressed by Schillaci.

The artist has in fact imitated Mina in an impeccable way, performing on the notes of you and me alone. Lidia bewitched everyone, especially the special judge Alessandro Siani. The second place was won by Jessica Morlacchi who played the role of Lara Fabian, third Agostino Penna who was Drupi for one evening. Francesco Monte, who was Last and finished fourth, Virginio, fifth in the role of Gino Paoli, Giulia Sol who was Alexia and Pago who was Franco Califano also performed. The final ranking of Tale and Which Show then sees Barbara Cola eighth, who was Anna Oxa, Carolina Rey in the role of Nada, Sergio Muniz, tenth with Ghali.

Great protagonist of the evening also Carlo Conti who returned to the show studio for the final. Recovered from the Coronavirus, the host thanked the audience: "Thank you for the affection you have shown me – he said -. For me it is an honor to be here tonight, but I could not miss the last episode. A special thanks also to the jury who carried the bandwagon on their own, proving that they could do it alone ". To cloud the triumph of Tale and Which Show a small controversy that arose before the live broadcast and which involved Leonardo Pieraccioni, a great friend of Carlo Conti.

It all started after the conductor posted a video on the train on Instagram announcing that he was headed for the television studios. “I know you sneezed in carriage 8 and everyone crowded into carriage 1,” the comedian commented. The joke was not liked by some users who accused the actor and director of having shown little delicacy. No comment from Carlo Conti, who probably accepted his friend's words for what they were: a simple joke, deflecting the controversy.

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