Such and such Show, Carlo Conti returns to lead from home and reaches everyone's heart

Carlo Conti

Carlo Conti after a week in the hospital returned home and was able to conduct a new episode of Tale and Which Show

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Carlo Conti returned to from the hospital, after being hospitalized due to Covid-19, led the new episode of Tale and Which Show from home again. The musical competition thus tries to return to normality, even reinventing itself: this in fact for the Rai host was the second conduction without being physically in the studio. Thanks to technology, he could somehow return to the helm of management.

Last Friday Carlo Conti greeted the audience live from the hospital room, thanking the jurors Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello who had taken over as conductors to carry on the Tale and Which Show competition.

After a week, however, Carlo Conti returned to his home and from there, in the episode of Friday 13 November, he was able to conduct the episode of the show on Rai 1, however remembering to warn spectators of the dangers that the virus brings with itself, because they are anything but to be underestimated.

"It was a difficult time and I want to thank you for your love. Coronavirus is not stupid, this is a sneaky virus that arrives when you least expect it ”.

Carlo Conti confessed at the opening of the episode, then remembering to greet dear friend, Nello, a patient with whom he shared the hospital room. A touching moment, with which the conductor managed to reach the hearts of everyone present in the studio but also the audience from home.

But as they say, even in these cases: the show must go on. Thus, the VIP race in the role of famous singers continued smoothly, in a decidedly more relaxed atmosphere than last week. The return – albeit only on the monitor – of Carlo has reassured everyone and thrilled millions of viewers fond of the program (who were waiting for nothing but seeing it again). It was also inevitable for them to be moved by Conti's story, who will surely remember this difficult experience forever.

For this reason, a special thanks from Conti went directly to the doctors, nurses and health workers involved in this great battle, and who allow every day through their work to defeat the virus.

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