Such and such, the judges at the helm. But Carlo Conti intervenes to remember Proietti

Carlo Conti

Very particular episode of "Tale e Quali Show": Carlo Conti leaves the helm to Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello, but intervenes to remember Gigi Proietti

Tale and Which Show, from Pago to Carmen Russo: the most beautiful imitations to review

Very special episode for Tale and Which Show. For the first time, in fact, it is not Carlo Conti who leads him, absent for health reasons. No conductor, however, took his place: Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello took care of the program, with the collaboration of Gabriele Cirilli.

Carlo Conti, in fact, tested positive for Coronavirus and, if in the last episode he had given life to an interesting experiment by conducting from home, this time, he could not reply having been hospitalized for tests. A complicated episode, therefore, for Tale and Which Show and, above all, the judges, who found themselves leading the program without the presence of the host.

The four, however, aware of having to entertain the public and offer them a light show and moments of lightheartedness, have shown that they know how to get by on their own and, first of all, they wanted to remember, with a virtual applause, Gigi Proietti and, then, they said goodbye Carlo Conti:

Carlo I turn to you who are at home – in fact Cirilli said – I tell you in front of millions of people, I love you so come back soon because no one here can be just like Carlo Conti.

An appeal that, at least in part, was immediately accepted by the famous conductor who, through an audio link, intervened in its transmission:

I want to greet you and thank you for your support. It was a special week, I can't manage to be there with you or do it from home like last time. But you started very strong and I want to thank you. […] I wanted to send my memory to the one who has been at the bench for so long, the great Gigi Proietti.

Enrico Brignano, special judge of the evening, is also in the studio. Together with Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme, even without stealing the show from the competitors in the race, he created nice sketches.

The real show, however, was given, as in every episode, by the artists who are facing the mini-tournament of champions. These are the six best protagonists of the current edition and the four best of 2019: Pago, Sergio Muniz, Barbara Cola, Giulia Sol, Carolina Rey, Francesco Monte, Agostina Penna, Virginio and Lidia Schillaci.

Eyes on Pago, who won the race of the 2020 edition, also garnering great acclaim from his former partner Serena Enardu. The singer also seems to be the favorite of the champions' tournament.

A challenge, that of Tale and Which Show, which is giving exciting moments and which is becoming more and more intense. Who will manage to win the tournament of champions?

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