Such and what Show 2020, Serena Enardu comments on the performance of Pago


Pago, in splendid shape, wears the clothes of Francesco Gabbani and lets himself go on stage. The performance also conquers Serena Enardu

Tale and Which Show, the official cast unveiled: the competitors of the 2020 edition

First episode for Tale and Which Show 2020, the Rai Uno program conducted by Carlo Conti. Many news for the broadcast in this television season. There will be no public in the 'Fabrizio Frizzi' studios in Rome. To compensate for this great absence, however, the famous competitors who have decided to test their talent will take care of it.

A very important goal, the one reached by Carlo Conti. For Tale and Which Show, in fact, it is the tenth edition. A success story, that of the program, which has always managed to win over viewers and entertain them. For this reason, the presenter wanted a cast of the highest level. On stage, Luca Ward, Pago, Virginio, Barbara Cola, Francesca Manzini, Francesco Paolantoni, Carolina Rey, Giulia Sol, Sergio Muniz and Carmen Di Pietro will compete. In the jury, however, Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme were confirmed. Gabriele Cirilli has also joined them.

Eyes on Pago who, after having participated in the Big Brother Vip 4 last season, has decided to get involved again. Furthermore, his adventure on Tale and Which Show comes after major changes in his private life. After numerous back and forth, he has, in fact, definitively put an end to his relationship with Serena Enardu.

The love story between the two ended in the worst possible way, between mutual accusations and manifestations of disdain. All this, however, did not affect the artistic qualities of Pago, who enchanted wearing the clothes of Francesco Gabbani and singing Viceversa. The performance would also seem to have been enjoyed by Enardu. Just shortly after the performance, in the Stories of the influencer's Instagram profile, a comment appeared: Superlative. A word that, albeit without clear references, seems to refer to her ex boyfriend. Such and Which Show will be able to bring the two together?

Great attention also for the volcanic Carmen Di Pietro, who already before going on the air, on her social profiles, admitted to being very happy for this new experience, and for the actress Giulia Sol who, singing Come Saprei di Giorgia, has excited and conquered the viewers.

The new edition of Tale and Quali Show has therefore started in the best way. How will Carlo Conti and the competitors surprise us in the next episodes? And above all, who will be able to win?

Serena Enardu

Serena Enardu's comment. Source: Instagram.

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