Sugar-free sodas on a diet: the puzzling truth. Be careful, it’s not what it looks like

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In the summer it often happens to drink sugar-free drinks and many wonder if they make you fat or if you can eat them on a diet.

During the summer it is normal to feel more thirsty and want to drinking beverages and sodas, including sweets. Very often, however, we are oriented to buy those without sugar if we are on a diet. However, many are wondering if are healthy or make you fat.

sugar-free sodas make you fat

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Light drinks or sugar-free soft drinks, therefore, could be deceiving if you want to lose weight. They are indeed sweetened with aspartame, saccharin or cyclamate, all non-calorie sweeteners.

Although they do not contain calories, these types of drinks are not so healthy, indeed, let’s find out if they are Sugar-free sodas make you fat or if you can drink them when we are on a diet.

Do sugar-free sodas make you fat?

Very often when we are on a diet and want to enjoy a drink we prefer those without sugar. A choice that makes us clear our conscience but cannot always prove to be so successful.

sugar-free sodas make you fat

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This type of drinks are indeed enriched with artificial sweeteners which are nothing more than food additives that have a higher sweetening power than sugar. That’s why you have to use them minimum quantities.

This type of artificial sweeteners that replace sugar, then, we find them not only in zero-calorie drinks, but also in products defined as light including yogurt, caps or various jams. All foods that can often appear healthy, but which are not.

According to what theEfsaor the European Food Safety Authority, there are gods limits on daily amounts of artificial sweeteners that we can assume, also based on your body weight.

If these limits are respected, therefore, artificial sweeteners do not pose any health risks. Indeed, they can come to our aid when, for example, you are craving for dessert or you can take them instead of an alcoholic drink for an aperitif or in place of a fruit juice.

Although they do not contain calories, however, sugar-free drinks, they favor the absorption of sugar by the intestine due to the sweeteners present. These substances in fact cause the production of insulin, thus also generating the feeling hungry.

In addition, artificial sweeteners alter the intestinal flora by producing the dysbiosis and glucose intolerance.

Therefore, even if we take sugar-free drinks without exceeding and within the limits of the recommended quantities, their consumption may not be so healthy. The brain is in fact fooled by sweet taste of the artificial sweetener, but this does not go hand in hand with the nutritional intake.

The gratification is in fact incomplete and leads us to want to look for another dessert and therefore to eat more. This especially happens in children who may be more prone to addiction. Here you find out how to defeat it.

In conclusion, therefore, the sugar-free drinks, if consumed within the permitted limits, can be a valuable aid in low-calorie diets in order not to gain weight, but if you exceed and in any case continue with an unbalanced and high-calorie diet, they are of little use.

Ultimately, therefore, water is always the best alternative.

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