Suit: return in style

Suit: return in style

The suit is a classic: here's how to revisit it in style for the return!

The suit is a garment that is often considered classic and maybe even a little "old": well, it's time to figure out how to play it down and make it super cool, even for a return in style! With this post we will see together some look ideas to make it portable even in the office.

Tailleur, return in style: very colorful

Do you want to wear the suit? Well then forget the dark and basic colors and start off big with bright and colorful tones, even to mix with each other! Sorbet colors are also fine, to be broken up with more decisive and lively shades, even in contrast.

Suit: return in style

Tailleur, return in style: with sneakers

You already have the colorful suit, but you want an extra touch of style? So go for sneakers! The chunky models do not seem to want to let go: with the suit they will be perfect! You can choose them in total white version or with colored inserts. Top it all off with a micro bag and you'll be super cool.

Suit: return in style

Tailleur, return in style: with the printed t-shirt

Aren't you the type for a colorful suit? So off the shirt (too serious) and welcome a nice boy t-shirt, preferably with a crew neck. If you don't have it, opt for a printed t-shirt, so as to give a gritty touch to the whole. A bold golden necklace will then be the perfect accessory.

Suit: return in style

Tailleur, return in style: pastel tones and Texan ankle boots

The secret in fashion is to play down, to decontextualize. Basically, putting a garment or an accessory together with another that no one would expect! How to do it in practice? Putting a Texas-style ankle boot together with a suit in soft pastel tones. Urban chic!

Suit: return in style

Suit, return in style: double-breasted

If you are not the type who dares and you prefer combinations that do not go too far out of your comfort zone, then go with the more classic cut suit. If you have a lean physique and want to create volume and movement in the abdomen and bust, opt for a double-breasted cut: in this way, you will move the figure. Pair it with preferably palazzo trousers, to be worn with shoes with a little heel.

Suit: return in style

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