Summer 2021 Plan to recover sociality and strengthen learning

Summer 2021 Plan to recover sociality and strengthen learning

The Ministry of Education has developed the Summer 2021 Plan to enhance disciplinary and relational skills, sociality

Summer 2021 Plan: 510 million euros to enhance disciplinary and relational skills, sociality and as a bridge for the start of the new school year.

The Ministry of Education has developed a 510 million euro plan for the summer to support students in enhancing learning and recovering sociability and to accompany children at the beginning of the new school year.

The Summer 2021 Plan

The Ministry of Education has allocated 510 million euros for the Summer plan, a plan dedicated to accompanying students towards the start of the new school year. The Ministry, led by Minister Patrizio Bianchi, therefore planned to use the summer months to allow students to recover sociality and strengthen learning, thanks to workshops for the enhancement of skills such as, for example, Italian, Mathematics and Languages. In addition, educational activities of music, art, sport and digital will be included and courses on the topics of sustainability, environmental protection and legality.

The plan is divided into 3 phases: the first phase aimed at enhancing learning in June, the second phase dedicated to the recovery of sociability in July and August and the third phase of welcome and return to school in September.
In particular, the learning enhancement phase will consist of laboratory activities and group studies. The phase of recovery of sociality, on the other hand, provides for aggregation activities in the Campus mode, which involve various activities such as singing, citizenship education, debate, sustainability, entrepreneurship, coding.

The Ministry has provided that "schools will plan activities within the collegiate bodies and inform families and participation by female students will be on a voluntary basis."

Building a bridge to the new beginning

The health emergency has increased and accentuated the existing problems, highlighting even more the gap and inequalities. The goal of the Summer plan and of Minister Bianchi is to accompany and "build a bridge between this year and the next, strengthening learning and recovering sociality".

Minister Bianchi then declared that he wanted to "use this summer period to build a new beginning, bringing the school back to the center of the community, creating spaces for enhancing skills and recovering relationships." In addition, the Minister of Education said he wanted to create a "loving" school, inclusive and that takes into account the diversity and specific needs of each pupil.

To support children also during the summer period, the digital teaching platform offers highly accessible contents of the main school subjects (Italian, mathematics, English, science, physics, literature, history and philosophy…). Students will be able to learn and prepare for the start of the new school year with videos, notes, maps and interactive exercises explained, points, rankings, refresher courses and the Summer 2021 Race.

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