Summer: beach sports that burn more calories

Summer: beach sports that burn more calories

Here are ten summer sports to do on the beach with which to have fun and not only: with these activities you can also lose many calories

Summer sports are very often underestimated as not everyone knows that they can make you lose a lot of calories. Therefore, instead of being sprawled in the sun and then getting tired in the gym, you can consider one of these activities that will help you lose weight while having fun. Beach volleyball is one of the most popular summer sports, but also most useful for achieving the desired weight. Being a complete activity, it is a favorite for those who want to stay in training on the beach: in an hour, in fact, you will lose 400 to 500 calories.

In addition to being a lot of fun, beach soccer is another of the summer sports that works the most on the body, making the muscles stronger and more: in half an hour of play you can burn up to 200 calories. If you prefer tennis to football and volleyball, this activity, if practiced on the beach, will be very profitable: 600 calories lost in an hour. If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay in the water, swimming will help you make your legs firmer and more toned and, at the same time, it will burn 400 calories per hour.

In some beaches you can rent kayaks: although it is a very tiring activity, especially for those who are not trained, it can be an excellent excuse to lose 270 calories per hour. Up and down you can achieve the same result with paddle surfing, or a much softer variant of surfing which involves the use of a pagoda. Although it may seem simple, it requires a lot of concentration and balance and allows those who practice it to tone their arms and abs.
Another of the summer sports that can be practiced on the beach is the classic race.

This, however, to have even more evident effects, must be carried out on the shore: in this way, in addition to burning 400-500 calories in 20 minutes, legs and buttocks will also be toned. As an alternative to all this you can opt for something softer, such as beach walking, more relaxing but still effective in disposing of fats, and walking in the sea, to be carried out by immersing yourself until the water reaches the groin. The last of the summer sports, but not the least effective, is the game of rackets: while trying not to drop the ball on the ground, you can also lose 300 calories per hour.

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