Summer cough: 4 super effective natural remedies

Summer cough: 4 super effective natural remedies

Cough, summer colds and sore throats can also be treated with natural remedies with proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Here are four super effective “bestsellers”.

  • Propolis

“Dry or catarrhal cough, pain and burning in the throat accompanied by difficulty in swallowing respond well to propolis”, said the professor Salvatore Bardaro, professor of integrated medicine at the University of Siena and Pavia. “It is a resin that bees collect from pine and fir buds and then” work “to enrich it with immunostimulating, antibacterial and antiviral substances”.

30 drops of mother tincture of propolis in a little water twice a day.

  • Erisimo

«Also known as’ singers’ herb ‘, erysim is a cure-all for all forms associated with laryngitis and pharyngitiswith the typical lowering of voice due to a cold shot ».

The indicated dose? In the acute phase, a 1 gram tablet or tablet three times a day, then 1-2 times a day.

  • Pelargonium sidoides

«Pelargonium sidoides is a plant indicated in case of oily cough or difficulty expectorating»Explains Bardaro. “Fludifying, it favors the ‘ciliary beat’, the movement of the vibrating cilia present throughout the respiratory tract to remove mucus and germs and thus keep the airways clean. Furthermore, it has an antimicrobial action”.

It is found as a vegetable syrup, 3 tablespoons per day.

  • Ribes nigrum

«Black currant boasts a cortison-like action so much that it has been renamed the natural cortisone»Explains Professor Salvatore Bardaro. «Ideal against the asthmatic bronchitis and all forms of allergies, it is taken in the form of glycerine macerate, that is a bud extract obtained by macerating the buds in a solution composed of alcohol and glycerol. The dose is 50 drops in the morning, in a little water ».

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