Summer diet: lose weight up to 5 kilos. What to eat

Summer diet: lose weight up to 5 kilos. What to eat

Are you ready to get back in shape for the summer? Here's how to lose up to 5 kg with the right foods

Diet, food combinations that do not lose weight

Lose weight in summer is easier than you think, the important thing is to eat the right foods that can help you lose up to 5 pounds.

The warm season in fact puts at our disposal many food allies of the diet, perfect to get back in shape in a short time, but also to fight cellulite and fat pads. At the top of the list we undoubtedly find fruit, perfect for a breakfast rich in mineral salts and fiber, but also for a quick snack on the beach. These foods are ideal to deflate the stomach, improve the functionality of the intestine and give us a perfect tan. An example? Apricots, low in calories and rich in beneficial properties, allied in the fight against hated orange peel. In their pulp there is a high concentration of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A that favors suntan.

Peaches, wild berries, apples, melon and watermelon are also excellent, tasty and with zero calories, ideal for ending the meal without guilt, but also to prepare delicious centrifuges and smoothies to lick your lips, which you they will allow you to lose weight without suffering hunger.

There is also plenty of space for vegetables. Carrots, cucumbers and celery are perfect as a starvation break, while the rocket is rich in vitamin A and C, which stimulate the metabolism. Finally, don't forget to add garlic and onion to each dish, two foods that – surprisingly – are perfect for the diet thanks to their detox properties.

In summer, even the fish cannot be missing on the table, especially if you want to lose a few pounds for the swimsuit test. The best, according to nutritionists, is stockfish, which has a lean meat and poor in salt, but you can also taste sea bass, cod or sea bass, which have less than 100 kcal per 100 grams. Finally, don't forget the "jolly" foods, excellent for snacks and whenever you are hungry. Try with almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds, to fill up on vitamins without giving up the line. Also stock up on low-fat yogurt, to eat for breakfast or snack, you can also use it to prepare a tasty sauce that accompanies white meat or fish.

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