Summer diet, why choose fish

Summer diet, why choose fish

Fish species provide all the nutrients you need. Here's how to choose the tastiest and healthiest

With the arrival of warm weather our diet changes radically. And it's not just to pass the long-awaited "costume test" with flying colors.

Indeed, the heat and sultriness that increase day after day lead us to abandon the heavier and caloric winter diet and choose lighter and fresher dishes. Speech even more valid for children, who suffer even more from the high seasonal temperatures and the very high humidity levels. We then pass from soups, hyper-seasoned pasta and meat-based dishes to salads (also pasta or rice), pasta with vegetables and fruit. A lot of fruit.

The best choice, both from the nutritional point of view and from the point of view of "freshness", is however represented by the fish. Fish products, in fact, ensure all the nutrients we need to face the sultry summer days. Above all, they do not complicate digestion, thus increasing the sense of fatigue and exhaustion that occurs during the hottest hours of the day. The fish, then, can be prepared in the way that is most preferred: from crudités to risottos, passing through grills, baked or steamed cooking and fried food.

In short, if you want to prepare a light and tasty meal for yourself or your children, the fish offers hundreds of different recipes, easy and quick to prepare. Any examples? Choosing the blue fish, typical species of the Mediterranean Sea and of our coasts, it will be possible to make tasty dishes both for us and for the little ones.

Fish species such as anchovies, sardines, mackerel, red tuna (but also tuna or skipjack tuna) or scabbard fish can be used both as a main ingredient and as a "side dish" in any type of dish. Their caloric and protein intake, in fact, is more than enough to be consumed either alone (think, for example, of a nice grilled red tuna steak or the tiella di alici), or as a condiment for pasta or salads.

The anchovy, for example, is a lean species with a low content of sodium, cholesterol and saturated fats, but an excellent source of high biological value proteins. Vitamin D and B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper and selenium are also excellent. Red tuna, on the other hand, guarantees a high protein intake and is an excellent source of vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium. The lipid level, on the other hand, varies according to the age and size of the individual.

These, however, are just two of the many examples that can be done. The list of blue fish species that inhabit our seas is very varied and allows us to give free rein to our culinary imagination. Thanks to the Hello Fish portal it will be possible to consult the nutritional data sheets of hundreds of fish species and will help us make responsible and sustainable choices for the environment.

The main objective of Hello Fish, a project born with the support of UnionCamere, is to spread the culture of "good catch". In fact, industrial and unscrupulous fishing puts thousands and thousands of marine species at risk every year. Instead, by supporting artisanal fishing and fish farming, reproduction periods, endangered species and minimum size are respected, making fishing a sustainable activity for the planet.

As mentioned, however, Hello Fish is also an excellent resource for creating fish recipes. From the internal "search engine" we can access the nutritional data sheets of dozens and dozens of different fish species. We could choose based on the name or month in which it can be fished; or, again, based on the cooking or preparation we would like to do. In short, a very useful ally if we are lovers of fish-based dishes and that will be useful in any situation, both in summer and in winter.

In collaboration with UNIONCAMERE

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