Summer essentials: the inevitable beach accessories

Summer essentials: the inevitable beach accessories

What can't be left at home when going to the beach? Here is a small handbook

On the beach you go read and with the essentials: let's see together what are the essential accessories that cannot be missing!

Summer essentials: glasses

Glasses are absolutely essential on the beach, don't forget them. The glare of sunlight, even when the sky is cloudy, is very annoying and can irritate the eyes, especially if they are sensitive. The key thing is to choose good ones, with quality lenses: don't forget that poor lenses can be bad for your eye health!

Summer essentials: the straw bag

Light, easy chic, gorgeous both in the countryside and in the city! I couldn't be without. The straw bag is ideal for carrying everything you need for the beach, but it's also great for continuing the evening with a beachfront aperitif. Choose it lined internally, so you will not have the problem of sand filtering between the weaves.

Summer essentials: the inevitable beach accessories

Summer essentials: sandals

Ban on wedges: on the sand you are close to the ground! Thong sandals, Capri, refectory, Greek style, in leather or raffia are delicious. For convenience you can also give in to rubber! In short, there are so many and so many colors that you have no excuses!

Summer essentials: the hat

Chic detail that makes the difference. I admit that I do not wear it first, but I must say that I really like seeing the straw hat worn. It is super elegant and gives that ladylike allure that makes you noticeable on the beach! To be worn not only under an umbrella, but also for a stroll along the seafront.

Summer essentials: the inevitable beach accessories

Summer essentials: the sarong

Convenient if you don't like to show side B, very comfortable when you have to sit somewhere and you're in costume. The sarong is a very practical and space-saving accessory: don't forget it at home!

Summer essentials: the various not to be forgotten

Aside from a good book and sunscreen, don't forget a thermal bottle: you will avoid buying bottles of water for the benefit of your wallet, but also of the environment!

Summer essentials: the inevitable beach accessories

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