Summer Sale Coming Soon! Here is the guide you need to avoid getting scammed

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Summer sales are almost here! All over Italy our favorite shops are preparing to set up shops and lower prices in view of the sales! But how to go shopping without making mistakes or getting scammed?

That time of year so loved by us fashion lovers has arrived: the summer sales! In this period we can all buy that much loved but unavailable item of clothing at another time of the year due to the very high price. But it’s not all plain sailing, because it’s easy to stumble into rip-offs!

Summer sales

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On Saturday 2nd July all the regions of Italy, excluding Sicily which starts on 1st July, will see the summer sales in their stores.

By summer sales we mean the period of the beginning of the summer in which each shopkeeper proposes the sales in his own shop and where we consumers can buy clothing at reduced prices.

The summer sale period will last from 6 weeks to 8, based on the choices of the various regions. However, one thing is certain: we cannot miss the opportunity to do a day of shopping.

But we must be careful, because it is taken by the heat of shopping we can find ourselves having bought some nice rip-offs.

So how to do it? With this license plate style guide CheWomanwhich will show you how to survive the summer sales!

Off to the summer sales in Italy on July 2nd. What to buy? And how to avoid scams?

It has happened to all of them at least once to have purchased during the sales period, whether winter or summer, items of clothing that we did not need or that we have never used. So watch out for waste!

Summer sales

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see the 3 tips to be able to survive the summer sales period in the best way:

  • what do you need: Before going shopping we must keep in mind what we have and what we need. So this is a good time to clean up our wardrobe. Keep the items that are still in good condition and remove the ones we don’t wear anymore. This way we will have a real insight into what we need.
  • save to cart: the most convenient shopping during the summer sales is the winter one. I’ll explain. Rarely the seasonal garments, in this case the summer ones, will immediately go on sale with a very high discount percentage. Instead, the winter ones will be significantly lowered, so it might be a sensible choice to buy good quality winter clothes during the summer sales.
  • look at the prices: always check the tags, how much discount there is and in what percentage. Don’t get caught up in the rush of shopping but pay attention to everything. Only in this way will you avoid making the wrong purchases. By the way, what to put in the small trolley? Few essential and trendy items!

summer sales

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Now that you know all the rules you just have to get organized and wait until July 2nd for a fantastic shopping day!

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