Summer sales: last days! Here’s what to buy, and fast!

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The summer sales are coming to an end! But even during the last few days we can get some real bargains! Read this CheDonna style guide to find out how to save and keep up with the hottest trends of the moment!

We have always bought little during the sales because we made the wrong mechanism! That’s right, why to do business during the salesespecially the summer ones, you need to know the secrets of the trade. For example, what is best to buy during the last days of the sales in July?

Summer sales

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How many times have we left home charged, together with our friends, go to our favorite shop on the first day of sales ready to attack the walls in order to grab the best deal, go home and be dissatisfied with our purchases? Very often!

This is something that has happened to all of us women at least once in our life, and it can be fully explained in one sentence: we don’t know the rules of shopping with sales!

Exactly, because behind the garments that we see displayed in stores there are many factors that influence our shopping: for example the display of the garments, but also the very choice of clothes to be put on sale.

All these factors have the power to make us buy things we don’t need and probably spending more than we had in mind.

From today all this will change, because we are about to know the perfect rules to shop during the last days of the summer sales and get some real bargains! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Summer sales: go to winter shopping! Here’s how to get some real bargains for next season!

We think of this as the primary rule for shopping during sales: all the large clothing chains have adopted a custom, that is to choose the period of the sales to empty their stores from the clothes of the previous collections. And this is the real reason why in the middle of July we find boots, coats and jackets. How can you make a convenient shopping?

Summer sales

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We who are true fashion lovers know very well that fashion shows announcing future collections are shown well in advance, almost a year. So now we already know what’s going to be on trend next winter.

But we also know that the big brands, such as Zara or H&M tend to sell items from the previous collection with the summer sales.

Then? For convenient shopping, the best thing is to buy clothes for the next season. For example?

  • jeans: they are never enough. Jeans are absolutely the garments that will be the most trendy for next winter and also the most practical to use. For example, we can buy a low-waisted but wide-leg model, as the trends explain.
  • matching sets / cut-out dresses: for our evenings instead of buying new clothes and spending a lot of money for a single use, you can buy a dress on sale. Trends speak for themselves and say for next winter coordinated sets of fitted tops and midi skirts, or cut-out dresses.
  • coats and jackets: whether they are oversized and XXL, everything is fine, the important thing is that you have your new coat or maxi jacket for next season. Go to your favorite store and buy that garment that costs too much in winter but that you have always wanted. You will definitely make the deal of the year! By the way, Ferragni’s cut-out suit also looks good on your curves: seeing is believing!

Summer sales

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Now that you know all the secrets you just have to arm yourself with a clutch bag, flat shoes and a credit card and go shopping, with the summer sales!

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