Summer time could increase the risk of stroke

Summer time could increase the risk of stroke

Research from the University of Turku reveals that the time shift is related to a significant increase in stroke cases

Stroke, the warning symptoms that could save your life

With daylight saving time, the clock hands will have to be moved forward by one hour and it seems that this may be the cause of a particular side effect. Professor Jori Ruuskanen of the University of Turku, Finland, has studied the trend of stroke cases in his country for 10 years and it seems that summer time determines the onset of this type of pathology. Professor Jori Ruuskanen's studies took into account only hospitalized Finnish people and started from the theories that correlate the onset of stroke with changes in the biological clock.

From these studies it appears that, in the two days following the movement of the hands, the risk of stroke increases by 8%. This percentage reaches 25% if we consider cancer patients and 20% if we only evaluate cases of people over 65. In the following days the rate returns to normal, as in the days just preceding. These results seem to indicate how the shift of one hour in daily habits can be one of the triggering causes of stroke, or in any case shows a clear correlation. The Finnish study considered more than 3,000 patients from hospitals in the country, hospitalized in the two days following the establishment of summer time, and more than 10,000 patients present in the hospital in the previous week.

Now it remains to be understood what are the reasons that raise the risk of stroke so much due to the simple movement of the clock one hour ahead. In past years other studies had already shown how this leap forward can cause minor aches and discomforts, such as insomnia, different types of sleep disturbances and also the modification of some eating habits. Although for us often the days when summer time comes into effect mean only a little sleepiness, it seems that this abrupt modification of circadian rhythms can have harmful results on our health, which can also translate into serious diseases such as stroke. Understanding the links between stroke and summer time is essential to lessen the onset of this disorder but also to understand its causes, also because there are many countries where summer time is in effect.

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