Sumo squat with dumbbells for toned legs, arms, buttocks

Complete exercise, the dumbbell sumo squat tones both the quadriceps and glutes as well as the biceps. “While standing, grab two 2-4 kg dumbbells, keeping your arms along your torso and palms facing forward,” he explains Roberto Romano, wellness manager in Milan. “Then spread your legs wide and, inhaling, flex your elbows and bring the weights to your shoulders while you bend your knees and go down as far as possible with your buttocks. Stop for 2 ”, then return to the starting position, exhaling». Here are the details to watch out for to perform the dumbbell squat perfectly.

  • 1. Head267246

    It must always remain aligned with the spine, without curving the cervical tract. So avoid bending your head down, keep your chin parallel to the ground and your gaze forward, avoiding looking at your feet as you bend down.

  • 2. Back

    It must be slightly bent forward (to promote balance) without exaggerating, otherwise you risk overloading the lumbar area. Also, be careful not to arch the spine, but respect its natural curvature.

  • 3. Legs

    Pay attention to the sensations: the legs should be spread apart so that the feet are at least twice shoulder-width apart, but a “pain” on the inside of the thigh may indicate that you are overdoing it. In this case you need to reduce the opening a bit.

  • 4. Feet

    The tips should be rotated outwards by about 45 ° to ensure better stability. All the weight must rest on the knee-ankle-heel axis, never on the forefoot.

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