Sunday in, Emma conquers Mara Venier: "I wanted to tell everything"


Emma Marrone conquers Mara Venier and tells her about everything, from the memories of her career to her illness

Emma Marrone enchants in white and steals the show from the most beautiful in Europe

Music is once again the protagonist on Domenica In thanks to the arrival of Emma Marrone: the singer was interviewed by Mara Venier during the episode of September 27 in which the artist talked about many aspects of her life.

The interview opened with a dutiful homage to Emma's career, who on 26 September celebrated the 11th anniversary of her debut in Amici's school:

It's been 10 years that feel like 20, because I've never stopped. I have done many things, many projects, duet with important artists. When I see Amici's photo of the victory I always think that I am right to be as I am, so stubborn, so stubborn, so free. I have never changed, inside I am always the same. Otherwise I wouldn't be happy. And an unhappy artist is not productive because he would not know how to give emotions.

Emma, ​​on the other hand, made the dream of performing with her favorite artists come true: from Loredana Bertè to Laura Pausini, from Battiato to Pino Daniele, it was an honor for the singer to share the stage with the big names in Italian music. In particular, to Domenica In she wanted to remember the Neapolitan singer-songwriter, since he was the first who believed in her.

Pino was the first great artist to appreciate and esteem me. It was he who forced me into music, who said “this deserves”. I will always be grateful to Pino. Ten years ago winning a talent was almost a flaw, before there were so many prejudices and he helped me in this.

Speaking of the prejudices and criticisms received, the X Factor judge also wanted to address the issue regarding the haters on social media, with whom Emma has often had to deal and who has always faced stubbornly, without ever going down to their level : “I have my life. I am a 36 year old adult woman. I don't care about the bad things that come to me on social media. I don't read them at all, also because I don't have time. Then with X Factor that fills my days I have no way. "

The conversation between Mara and Emma continued and the presenter made the singer excited with a touching video where photos of her childhood and her parents were shown. The Marrone, visibly moved, wanted to thank her family once again, for always being by her side. "I'm lucky because I have a solid family behind me that supports me." – said the artist – "Now I understand everything that the mei have told me, I understand the no. I've always been a very attentive daughter, I was rebellious but I limited myself to giving concerns to mine. "

Mara, therefore, asked the singer if she too wanted to start a family: Emma's answer was perfect, she declared that she did not want to plan these things, recalling how her mother had always reminded her that "a woman is a woman even if she has no children ".

At the end of the interview, the presenter said she was literally conquered by Emma's savoir-faire, telling her he admired her for putting her audience ahead, especially when she was facing the recurrence of her illness.
Emma, ​​in fact, had announced on Instagram that she had to stop to fight the tumor that had hit her and from which she has now recovered with such strength.

I decided to do it because I couldn't vanish into thin air. People know who I am, so they could find me in the clinic, make videos and misrepresent things. And so I wanted to tell the truth to prevent others from speculating on it. And then I value the money, there were some guys who were preparing to come to me in Malta to see me.

A statement that once again confirms the unique strength and empathy that Emma has towards her audience and the people who love her.

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