Sunday Live: the appeal of Maria Cristina Maccà, Fantozzi's daughter

Sunday Live: the appeal of Maria Cristina Maccà, Fantozzi's daughter

Maria Cristina Maccà, who has played Fantozzi's daughter for years, is experiencing a time of economic crisis

She has worked with great directors, dividing herself between cinema and theater, but for some time now Maria Cristina Maccà has been in economic difficulties. As a guest in Barbara D’Urso's living room on Sunday Live, the actress tells her story and launches an appeal in the hope of finally returning to work.

The last few months have been very difficult for thousands of professionals working in the entertainment world, both behind the scenes and on the stage. There are many actors, more or less known to the public, who, due to the health emergency we are still facing, have lost their jobs and are forced to survive thanks to a small subsidy – some, in fact, have not managed to get even that. . In recent days, in a long interview with Corriere della Sera, actress Maria Cristina Maccà revealed that she was in financial straits.

There are many roles in which Maria Cristina has played, but for the public the unforgettable Mariangela, Fantozzi's daughter will always remain: alongside Paolo Villaggio, the artist lived her moment of glory. Later, she also took on the role of Uga, the granddaughter of the famous accountant, another iconic role. But now he is having a hard time, and he has been unable to get a job for more than a year now.

Barbara D’Urso collected her testimony and decided to invite her to the living room on Domenica Live, so as to allow her to spread her message. After briefly retracing her career, the presenter gave her the floor: “I don't work anymore, or rather I can't work as before. I believe that, in 35 years of hard training, he has not yet understood what the world of entertainment really is. What I know very well, however, is the work of show business workers, who are willing to make a thousand sacrifices to reach a goal, to survive ".

Maria Cristina Maccà then revealed her current economic conditions: "I had 3,800 euros of subsidies for this year and I have no other income. I support myself, with the few savings that I have set aside. But they are almost finished ”. And, at the suggestion of D'Urso, he launched a heartfelt appeal: "I would like to go back to work as I did before".

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