Sunday menu: appetizer, first course and side dish, with zucchini is easy

Sunday menu: appetizer, first course and side dish, with zucchini is easy

A Sunday menu with one common denominator, because courgettes are our best friends. Little expense, a lot of yield and a winning result

A complete lunch with minimal expense, indeed with just one ingredient. When spring comes, it’s the zucchini season. Useful for preparing many recipes, but above all healthy.



And it doesn’t take much to prepare a complete, nutritious, even very varied Sunday lunch.

Zucchini protagonists of the Sunday menu

Greedy parmigiana with grilled courgettes

A parmigiana, yes, but lighter than the classic one. Firstly, because this is white, because the main ingredient is grilled and not fried, because there is no mozzarella but provola, there is no cooked ham but mortadella. In short, a dish that overturns traditional concepts and surprises everything, even in single portions.
The courgettes must be cut into slices, all of the same size or almost, and then grilled in a pan or on the plate. At that point the most is done, because we can already move on to the assembly of the recipe in the pan: zucchini at the bottom, cover them with provolone or other cheese, mortadella or other sliced ​​and go on. Finally in the oven, cooking in less than half an hour and our special parmigiana is ready.

This light parmigiana is not like the others: try it and you will understand!

Risotto with zucchini and saffron

Second recipe with zucchini, a first course. This is good for our pockets and our health because risotto with courgettes and saffron is delicate and delicious.
It is prepared like a normal risotto, toasting it in boiling extra virgin olive oil together with the onion. Then we will need some vegetable broth to cook the rice while the courgettes will have to be cut into cubes. At the end we also add the saffron dissolved in a little broth and complete with fresh parsley. A simple and effective recipe, everyone will like it.

Spring, risotto time: but this is exaggerated, it really beats them all

Zucchini alla scapece of the grandmother

We have an appetizer, there is the first and only the side dish is missing. A classic of Neapolitan cuisine, granny’s zucchini alla scapece does not beat anyone. All we can choose for ourselves is the cut of the main vegetable, but otherwise we have to follow the recipe, because it is really foolproof.
We mix the vinegar with the extra virgin olive oil and some fresh mint leaves as well as the peeled and sliced ​​garlic cloves. This is the starting point. Then fry the courgettes until golden and dip them into the bowl with the sauce. The longer they stay inside, the more flavor they take, better not be in a hurry.

Rustic and fragrant, this grandmother’s dish doesn’t beat anyone

enjoy your meal

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