Sunday menu, freshness first of all: nature without limits

Prepare a complete Sunday menu in full respect of nature and what it gives us: here are three tips that always come in handy

Freshness, this is the watchword in our kitchen in summer. Freshness in the dishes, freshness in the ingredients, freshness at the table with an eye also to health.

Sunday menu


Three dishes for a complete lunch that is suitable for all ages

Sunday menu, first second course and dessert

Pasta with pistachio pesto and fresh tuna

If we are looking for a light and quick first course to prepare, pasta with pistachio pesto and fresh tuna is our solution. It doesn’t take much to prepare it, the sauce is ready while we cook the pasta and we are sure to bring a genuine dish to the table.
We need a long form of pasta, like spaghetti, linguine or vermicelli, and fresh tuna. And then
pistachios, lemon, basil, fresh mint, excellent extra virgin olive oil, coarse salt. The pistachios must be blanched before passing them in the mixer together with the rest of the ingredients and an ice cube. L’extra virgin olive oil serves to give the right compactness to our pesto, fresh tuna to give the right consistency to the dish.

Pasta with pistachio pesto and fresh tuna: only good things on the table

Zucchini rolls

Using zucchini in the summer in the kitchen always stimulates the imagination because we can prepare different recipes every time, but the rolls are really a greedy recipe. Stuffed with mortadella and fontina, but also with another sliced ​​cheese and a stringy cheese, they become a second course or a side dish to applause.
The zucchini they must be washed and cut and slices not too thin. Then we need an aromatic breading with breadcrumbs, parmesan, salt, ground pepper. And to make it adhere we need to pass them quickly in extra virgin olive oil. Then on each slice a piece of mortadella and a slice of fontina. We roll up and close, a pass in the oven and that’s it.

Vegetable rolls, our true passion: in the summer we play bingo

Special apple pie

This version of the soft cake it is special because we enrich it with jam: apricots, peaches, cherries, oranges, let’s change it according to the season.
The base is a classic shortcrust pastry with flour, butter, egg yolks, powdered sugar, lemon, vanilla, salt. In the filling, instead, rennet apples or Golden or other qualities, as long as they do not fall apart during cooking in the oven together with apricot jam.
The rest of diced apples, to be put in a pan with the butter and then with the jam. Then we prepare the pastry and leave it to rest in the fridge for 1 hour. We preheat the oven to 180 ° and lightly grease a tart mold. We bake in the central part of the oven for the time it takes to have a soft and delicious cake.

We have never eaten such a good apple pie, there is a secret

enjoy your meal