Sunglasses: why wear them all the time

Sunglasses: why wear them all the time

Not just a fashion item, sunglasses serve to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun. Here's all you need to know

In the summer, choosing the right pair of sunglasses is a fashion statement. Whether you are fond of the model you have been using for years or you like to follow the trends of the season, wearing sunglasses is important, not only for an aesthetic question: these are in fact the first, and most important, protection for our eyes .

It's not just your skin that is subject to the risks that come from exposure to UV and UVB rays, so are your eyes. And if you use sunscreen to protect your skin, you need the right sunglasses for your eyes. Sitting in the shade is not enough to protect you from UV rays, in fact these are reflected on the sea, on sand or on other surfaces and can damage the lens of the eye. Therefore having a protection is fundamental as long as it has the right requirements.

Especially in summer, sunglasses are everywhere, often cheaply, but you need to pay attention to some features to make sure your glasses really protect the eye and don't contribute to making the situation worse. The first requirement is that they are glasses according to European Community directives, you recognize them by the CE mark on the packaging. Furthermore, by law they must be accompanied by a booklet indicating the degree of UV protection, which goes from 1 to 5.

You can even customize the lenses of your glasses based on the location of your holidays and the condition of your sight. Mountain glasses, for example, have greater UV and Ultraviolet protection capabilities while sea glasses are more resistant, they have polarized anti-reflective lenses that improve the perception of depth and contrast. The color of the lenses, on the other hand, can vary depending on the type of problems of your eye: browns for myopia, green-gray for hypermetropia.

If you wear contact lenses, here are some tips to avoid inflammation or eye irritation. Use fewer hours than usual, in order to rest your eyes, and if you go to the beach on vacation, it would be better to buy daily because salt water tends to dehydrate the eye. In any case, even if the continuous research of contactology has allowed us to create lenses with broad protection for ultraviolet rays, remember that the lenses do not protect the entire eye, but only the cornea and it is therefore important to combine them with a good pair of Sun glasses.

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