Sunscreens for children: few rules to keep in mind

Sunscreens for children: few rules to keep in mind

Are you sure you choose the sunshields most suitable for your children? Here's what to keep in mind so as not to make a mistake when buying and to protect them to the fullest.

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How do you choose sunscreens for your little ones? There are few and simple rules to keep in mind to be sure of adequately protecting them from the sun's rays.

High protection factor
The protection factor in the case of children must always be high and depends not only on the skin but also on age. For children up to 6 years it is good to use a 50+ protection, while as they grow it can be up to 30+, but always considering the characteristics of the baby's skin.

Better natural products
Prefer natural sunscreens as much as possible, better if organic and with physical filters instead of chemicals. In this way you will protect the baby from the sun and reduce the likelihood of allergies and redness that can develop with creams with chemical filters that are more aggressive on the skin.

When to put the cream?
Do not wait to be on the beach or in the sun to put the sunscreen on your child, spread half an hour before sun exposure so that it is absorbed perfectly. Remember to apply the cream again if you stay in the sun for a long time and in any case when the baby is bathing.

Important precautions
Don't just protect your children with sunscreen, always put a hat on their neck, wear sunglasses and if your skin is very white and sensitive, you should also make a t-shirt especially in the first few days of exposure. Don't underestimate even the simple reverberation of water, it's very strong. As for the time of the exposition, it is always better to prefer early in the morning until 11.00 and in the afternoon from 4.16 pm, in the central hours the sun is more intense and therefore dangerous. Once back home, after washing them, apply an after-sun cream to the skin to keep it hydrated and nourished.

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