Sunscreens for children with banned substances: Altroconsumo raises the alarm

Sunscreens for children with banned substances: Altroconsumo raises the alarm

Altroconsumo raises the alarm: some solar sprays for children, which are on the market, contain prohibited substances

On the market there are several solar sprays for children containing prohibited and potentially dangerous substances.

Altroconsumo launched the alarm, which during some tests on sunscreens for the little ones, found in the formulation of some products, the presence of particles prohibited by law.

In 2009, the European Union approved a Cosmetics Regulation prohibiting the use in the form of nanoparticles of Titanium Dioxide (Titanium dioxide nano) and MBBT (Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol nano), particularly in powder and spray formats . This is because they expose people more to the risk of inhalation.

The analysis of Altroconsumo led to the presence of Titanium Dioxide and MBBT in seven solar systems for children, sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. These are Derma Sol baby spray milk, ISDIN Pediatrics lotion spray, Rilastil SunSystem Baby Spray, Bioderma Photoderm KID Spray, A-derma Protect Kids Spray Baby, Avene Spray Baby and Esselunga Kids Solar spray.

Immediate reporting to the Ministry of Health, which promised investigations on the indicated products, to assess the danger. Certainly this episode demonstrates once again the importance of choosing solar products, especially when it comes to children. The protective creams are not all the same. They have different formulations and can more or less protect the skin. For this reason it is essential to always read the labels carefully before buying.

Immediate replication of the companies involved, which excluded any possible health risk. "Esselunga Bambini 50+ solar – explained Esselunga in a note – is a trigger spray and not an aerosol that, due to the creamy emulsion, does not create any vaporization or nebulization, delivering the product directly to the skin. There is therefore no risk that it can reach the lungs of those who use it ".

"The prohibition of the use of Titanium Dioxide nano and the MBBT concerns aerosol products – ISDIN has replied -, sprayed products and vaporizers for the possible risk of inhaling the substances. The ISDIN product in question has a "pump" delivery method and does not involve the risk of inhalation of the indicated substances ".

Now the ball passes to the Ministry which will have to carry out all the necessary checks to guarantee the health of small consumers.

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