Superlative Rania of Jordan: fuchsia skirt of power and fishnet shoes

Superlative Rania of Jordan: fuchsia skirt of power and fishnet shoes

Rania of Jordan makes Letizia of Spain and Kate Middleton pale with Valentino's fuchsia skirt, gold bag and highly seductive fishnet shoes

Rania of Jordan on a state visit to the USA left you breathless with a superlative look that made Letizia of Spain and Kate Middleton pale: fuchsia skirt of power, signed by Valentino and highly seductive transparent pumps.

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Rania of Jordan accompanied her husband, King Abdullah, on a trip to the US to meet the President, Joe Biden. On this occasion, the Queen showed off some of her finest outfits that will be talked about for a long time. First the red dress with an original neckline that stretched like a foulard, matching it with his Manolo Blahnik, then the two-piece with that fuchsia skirt that immediately became the emblem of extreme elegance.

Fuchsia longuette

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At lunchtime guest of Grace Nelson, wife of Bill Nelson, NASA administrator, Rania wore a white blouse with a scarf neck by Celine, pairing it with a longuette skirt, by Valentino, from 1690 euros. The model belongs to the 2018 collection, so the Queen may have kept it in her wardrobe for some time before wearing it during a public event.

The skirt is simply splendid and underlines the perfect silhouette of Rania di Giordania, outlining the curves of the hips without exceeding it, thanks to the sophisticated play of pleats present only in front, while it is smooth on the hips. On the other hand, it also contains a high symbolic value. In fact, fuchsia is the color of women of power and it is no coincidence that both Kate Middleton and Letizia of Spain have recently worn it during public events.

Rania then completes her look with a highly sought-after accessory: the double mesh décolletées, nude look effect, with stiletto heels, by Dior, truly a highly seductive detail. Finally, the bag is very special. This is the Gaia Small 'Bodies Nude' model, a limited edition, only 161 pieces have been created by the Spanish brand Onesixone, in collaboration with the artist Kelly Beeman. The Queen made it even more precious with a 14-karat gold handle and logo created by jewelry brand Helena Rohner.

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Rania of Jordan

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