Supplements, how to read labels. The advice of the naturopath

Dr. Federica De Santi, SALUGEA Naturopath, explains in 5 steps how to choose the most effective natural products that are not risky

Not all supplements are the same and it's not just a brand issue.

It is a question of understanding not only if they are really effective and respond to our needs, but above all if we are dealing with a quality supplement, which will act quickly and safely on our body.

In this sense it becomes essential to know how to read the label, because the label is like the identity card of an integrator. Federica De Santi, Dr. and Naturopath SALUGEA, explains in five steps how to identify the best natural product and whether it will be effective on the health of our body:

1st Trick: Packaging
The first trick falls into the "good eye" category and concerns the packaging. Even before taking the supplements in hand you can understand a lot from the packaging. Always choose supplements enclosed in dark glass. Glass is the only material that can guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the product over time. Plastic containers (though they may tell you that it is natural plastic) will always release substances that will settle on the capsules you will be taking. Moreover, with your choice you will do good to our splendid Planet which is literally suffocated by plastic.

2nd Make-up: Price / dosage ratio
Second trick of the "good eye" category. You can understand how much the investment you are about to make will "weigh monthly" only by reading the price and the amount of capsules that you have to take daily. It may happen that apparently cheaper packs at the time of purchase require more capsules a day and therefore on balance it costs more than a supplement that can have a higher cost but a lower dosage. To understand this, simply divide the cost of the supplement by the number of capsules you have inside and see how much you need to take each day.

3rd Trick: A Cosa Serve
Let's now move on to the part of the labels. Immediately it must be clear on the label what the integrator is for and what are its fields of action and the benefits that you can get with consumption. If these items are not clear, it may not be a quality supplement! Furthermore, it must be reported that the product is notified to the Ministry of Health, the only body authorized to control the product.

4th Trick: The Ingredients
It is the list of all the substances present in the integrator, listed in descending order (ie the first ingredient is the one that is present in greater quantity, up to the last, present in the smaller quantity). Pay attention because on the label, in addition to the ingredients, there are also excipients (low-cost components with no active ingredient that have no physiological function, necessary only to make the product technologically). If the latter appear among the top places on the list, you are buying a product richer in inert ingredients than useful herbal ingredients for your well-being!

5th Trick: Type of plants / elements used
It is the table that shows the quantity (expressed in milligrams) of plants and active ingredients that you will go to take with the maximum recommended daily doses. From this reading you can realize even if the product brings micronized powders, untitled extracts or dry extracts titrated and in what proportions. Choose only the supplements that bear the abbreviation "e.s.tit" which means dry extract titrated: it is the improved processing of the plant, the only one that guarantees the certain presence of the active ingredient in the product.

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