Sustainable beauty: is it possible? We have the answer

beauty sostenibile come fare

The climate emergency involves everyone and making more sustainable choices is now an obligation for an increasingly green future and this also applies to the world of beauty and make-up

sustainable beauty how to do itIs it possible to experience beauty in a sustainable way? The answer is yes and it is essential to do so. In fact, helping the environment and adopting greener habits are now obligatory choices to guarantee a better future for us and for future generations. The first step is to make careful and targeted choices, avoid waste and opt for products that exploit not only recycled materials, but also low environmental impact productions. All this, of course, must permeate every aspect of everyone’s life, and the world of beauty is not excluded.

Precisely for this reason we have decided to focus on how to make our beauty sustainable and with less impact for the whole planet.


  • Choose reusable alternatives
  • Yes to home made remedies (if you know them)
  • Go for solid products
  • Use multipurpose products
  • Long live the refills and recyclable packs
  • Opt for SPF with sea-friendly formulas
  • Do you know bamboo?

Choose reusable alternatives

The disposable has been for years the protagonist of the beauty world, and not only, but today we have understood how important it is to avoid producing large quantities of waste and, for this reason, it is always better to opt for reusable alternatives. Choosing microfibre cleansing cloths or bamboo pads, in fact, allow not only to reduce the amount of waste that is difficult to dispose of but also to opt for greener alternatives that are more respectful of skin, body and hair.

Yes to home made remedies (if you know them)

The old grandmother’s remedies are never a bad choice, in addition to being almost always available and at hand, they also allow to reduce the compulsive use and purchase of products that, in some cases, may not meet the needs. In this way, therefore, unused products would accumulate and which, after the expiry of the PAO, would also be risky to apply to the skin.

With due attention, however, it is possible to follow some home made and do-it-yourself recipes, to be replicated in small doses and to be used from time to time. An example? The lip scrub with olive oil or honey and sugar: cheap, fast and totally green, or the do-it-yourself face masks.

Be careful, however, not to throw yourself into exaggerated recipes or think on the spot, especially in the presence of acidic or particularly aggressive ingredients (such as lemon and bicarbonate).

Go for solid products

If once soap bars were a must in everyone’s home, today they have given way to liquid products which, however, carry some consequences with them. For example, the high consumption of plastic in packaging, in the event that refillable products are not chosen (today still little known and used). Precisely for this reason, more and more brands are offering products, for face, body and hair, in solid format. Real soaps that, in addition to consuming less water during production, avoid the accumulation of exhausted packaging and often use recycled paper packaging that can be easily produced and disposed of without great effort.

Use multipurpose products

Your bathroom is probably teeming with products dedicated to the body, hair and face. Many, indeed many products that crowd your beauty routine and, in addition to stealing a lot of time, are a waste of energy for production and useless packaging. So look for a cleanser that in addition to cleaning the skin also allows you to remove make-up or concealers that work together with the skincare to treat small pimples and skin imperfections.

Long live the refills and recyclable packs

Plastic is one of the main enemies of the environment because, in addition to requiring the use of highly polluting substances for its production, it is also difficult to dispose of. For this reason, in addition to preferring packaging in other materials or made with recycled plastic, it is better to choose refillable products. Shampoos, perfumes, body products: the options are really many and, in addition to allowing you to make an ecological choice, it usually also leads to savings on the final product since the refills or refills are usually sold at a lower price.

Opt for SPF with sea-friendly formulas

Although it is good to use sunscreen 365 days a year, it is undeniable that in summer it is more used with direct sun exposure, especially at the sea. Among the sustainable choices that can be made every day there is also the one concerning SPFs that respect the environment and corals. These filters, once dissolved in the sea, will not pollute the water, thus avoiding further pollution.

Do you know bamboo?

Among the alternatives to plastic it is impossible not to mention bamboo. This plant, in fact, once treated can be used for different purposes: make-up remover cloths, reusable pads, toothbrushes and more. A material that offers long-lasting performance is very durable and also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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