Sustainable mobility bonus: here is who it is and how to request it

Sustainable mobility bonus: here is who it is and how to request it

The 2022 Sustainable Mobility Bonus is a tax credit that is due to people who have made certain green choices. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Let’s get straight to the point: those who have purchased zero-emission mobility vehicles and services, or have scrapped an old M1 category vehicle will be entitled to this benefit.

Sustainable mobility bonus

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This, provided for by the Relaunch decree, it will come into effect from 13 April.

However, this Bonus was born in the light of the pollution present in the cities due to transport. Cars, vans, trucks alone produce more than 70% of greenhouse gas emissions from transport (the remaining 30% comes from airplanes and ships).

We must immediately specify one thing: the sustainable mobility bonus should not be confused with the bike bonus, which had received the boom in applications over a year ago.

These are two completely different bonuses: the latter provided a direct discount when purchasing e – bikes.

The Bonus we are talking about now, however, consists of a tax credit. But how to request it and who is it up to?

Sustainable Mobility Bonus 2022: here is who it is and how to request it

Let’s start by saying that the Bonus has a ceiling, which is equivalent to 5 million euros and that each person who requests it is entitled to a maximum of 750 euros.

Sustainable mobility bonus

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This is equivalent to saying that Refunds of 100% are provided up to the sum decided in the event that the applications received are within the limit of the 5 million euros allocated.

If the questions go beyond what happens? The credit will be progressively reduced (obviously we cannot know with certainty to date how much, it will all depend on the amount of applications received).

Who is it for? It is up to all people who have purchased green vehicles (such as bicycles or electric scooters), benefited from car sharing, or subscribed to public transport in the last 5 months of 2020.

Simply put, it can anyone who has scrapped an M1 category car must request it (passenger transport, maximum 9 passengers) and then buy a second low-emission vehicle (from 0 to 110 g / km), also used.

Such as request the Bonus? By communicating to the Revenue Agency in the period between 13 April and 13 May the amount of the expenses incurred and the tax credit requested.

To do all this, just download the appropriate document which must be downloaded via the website of the Revenue Agency, by accessing your private area.

After sending the request, the institution will communicate the outcome of the application within 5 days.

But don’t worry: if you find that your request has been rejected, you can file a new application within the deadline.

If in the meantime you also want to know 5 concessions that are due to those with low income, click here.

As for the repayment percentage, however, this will be communicated with a specific provision within 10 days from the deadline for the submission of applications (therefore by May 23).

Obviously this, as we have already mentioned, will take into account the requests received and the maximum available ceiling.

Since then the taxpayer will be able to obtain the tax credit through his accountant.

In any case, the tax credit can only be used in the tax return as a reduction of the taxes due and can be used no later than the 2022 tax period.

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