Swimwear 2022 will be amazing! But watch out for these style errors

Errori moda

Beachwear fashion for summer 2022 will be full of details, colors, woven fabrics and patterns. In one word: amazing! By sea fashion, however, we do not only mean the beach outfit, but also the city outfit. Be careful not to make these style mistakes!

Beach fashion has taken over and today wearing a mini dress in the city, with flat sandal and straw bag means following the trends! But when fashions are intertwined with each other, the style error is always lurking, and we must do everything to avoid it!

Fashion mistakes

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We browse the fashion magazines and scroll down the social media pages and see that for the summer of 2022 the most trendy outfits include mini floral dresses, linen shirtdresses, crop tops or tank tops, flat sandals and colored straw bags.

Which left us a bit perplexed at the beginning of the season, because we used to create these looks on holiday by the sea for a walk along the promenade, or for an aperitif by the pool with friends. But we weren’t disheartened: we went to our favorite clothing store and got everything we needed to keep up with the trends.

But once it was time to put on the look, we looked in the mirror and had the feeling that something in our outfit was not working.

That’s right, why our look was literally too sea-worthy!

It is true that swimwear has taken over and it is therefore trendy to wear beach looks even in the citybut we must be careful not to trip over the style mistake! We must always keep in mind the place where we have to go, the time and the circumstance, before creating a look. Only in this way will we always be at the top.

But no fear, because today we are here CheWoman to help you find the stylistic solution! So no more chatter and off to the style guide!

How is beach fashion in the city made? Always contaminating every look!

First we must always keep in mind what is our personal clothing style. Because there is nothing worse than wearing clothes that do not reflect our personality. Second thing? Have fun with fashion, avoiding the worst style mistakes!

Fashion mistakes

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Let’s see together how to create looks in perfect beach fashion style based on the situations in the city:

  • day in the office: even if you are not obliged to wear a uniform, whatever your job you must always keep in mind that in the workplace you cannot wear too sporty looks. You always have to find a happy medium. To bring swimwear to work you can create an outfit starting from your favorite jeans, possibly straight on the leg with a wide final paw. To be combined with a shoe with a low heel, such as a lace-up sandal or a sabot. Then close it all off with an oversized white linen shirt and straw bag. Casual but perfect for work and an aperitif with colleagues in the center at the end of the day.
  • daily commissions: before leaving for the summer holidays we all spent at least a day wandering around the offices to sort out the latest documents, and there is nothing worse than showing up in public offices wearing an exaggerated sea look. Always find a middle ground. For example, you wear your floral patterned midi dress, but instead of an open shoe, you wear a white canvas sneakers and a rigid bag to hold by hand. In this way you will have found the perfect middle way to avoid tripping over the style mistake.
  • lunch out: Have you booked lunch with friends and relatives in your favorite restaurant and want to create a look in perfect beach fashion style? Perfect! Choose a white dress, with a V-neckline, a defined waistline and a length that reaches below the knee. Combine the dress with a beige straw bag and as a shoe tip on a heeled sandal and avoid the flat sandal. By the way, what to put in the small trolley on vacation? Few essential and trendy items!

Beach fashion

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Now we know all the fashion secrets to create looks in perfect beach fashion style even in the city! You will be at the top on every occasion!

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