Swollen eyes? The spoon trick gets you back on track right away

Not sure how to fix puffy eyes? This simple trick is enough: you will see what a result!

There are an infinite number of eye creams and masks on the market that help soften the appearance of puffy eyes. But they are not the only products capable of doing this.

spoon for puffy eyes


That’s right. There is a simple and effective trick and the best thing is that you don’t have to spend a single cent! In fact, just one table spoon to solve the problem of puffy eyes.

A spoon to get rid of puffy eyes

Strange but true, even a cold spoon can work wonders, especially if you get stuck and run out of your favorite product.

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The spoon trick has now been around the web, where many users have decided to try it, obtaining excellent results. Among these also @thatgracegirl who posted a video in which she uses a cold spoon on her skin to fight bags. It’s a simple trick that takes no more than 60 seconds. Plus, it won’t cost you a dime. However, this is not a simple social trick born out of nowhere, but it is a technique approved by experts. Indeed, the application of a cold spoon under the eyes can help reduce bags because the cold temperature narrows the blood vessels and the pressure of the cutlery on the skin favors the lymphatic drainage of excess fluids.

According to dermatologists, in addition to getting rid of the bags, cold spoons can help reduce the itch in the eye area. Their cooling effect helps reduce itching, which can make swollen eyes worse from rubbing. So you don’t need sophisticated tools: just keep the spoon in the fridge for a couple of minutes and then use it on the skin. You can also use it to sculpt the jaw. It helps a lot blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In the video, the girl is preparing to massage the skin with a movement from the inner to the outer corner.

Then he moves on the eyelid by carrying out the same movement and after this he creates, again with the help of the spoon, gods circular movements around the eye. If you want you could also use the cutlery to drain the lymph nodes: just pass the spoon through the brow bone until you reach the cheekbones. So, should you wake up with a puffy face, take a cue from the video and try this incredibly easy and painless trick for yourself!

@thatgracegirl Esthetician-approved morning eye massage routine to lift and reduce puffiness 👀 Using SUQQU Rich Eye Cream & Massager ⭐️ #skincaretips #eyemassage ♬ original sound – Grace