Swollen legs and varicose veins, because walking barefoot

Swollen legs and varicose veins, because walking barefoot

A short walk with bare feet can help those suffering from vein circulation disorders. And it offers an effective natural foot massage

What would you do if they proposed a treatment that improves blood circulation, induces a simple relaxing massage and maybe "frees" the skin? You would probably be willing to pay to have such an approach. Yet something similar and completely free, exists. Just remember to move barefoot for some time. Simple, hassle-free walks can help maintain the well-being of our extremities and beyond.

Ideal for those suffering from varicose veins

Let's start with the effects on circulation. Direct contact of the foot with the ground promotes venous return and therefore can help those suffering from disorders of the circulation of the veins, such as varicose veins or ankle swelling. These are problems that are particularly widespread in this season, especially in the female population: the ankles are suddenly swollen in the evening, itching and sometimes even real pain can occur. well, it seems that a short walk with bare feet can help maintain well-being, better controlling the symptoms.

In addition, the "plein air" walk for the extremities that we often forget about also allows you to have a natural massage, which adds further value, also from a neurological point of view. It is in fact a sort of "training" for the extremities, often forced into shoes that do not do them justice and are chosen mainly on the basis of aesthetics. Well, walking barefoot we go to solicit all the various nerve endings. In this sense, to combine circulatory and nervous well-being, the ideal solution can come from the hydromassage that is achieved by walking on the shoreline, with the water that reaches below the knees.

To promote a valid activity of the calf muscles, which help the veins to "push" the blood upwards, water gymnastics is fine. In any case, it is better to do physical activity that involves the muscles of the legs at least half an hour a day, both in the pool or at the sea (in water the force of gravity is less), or in the gym or outdoors. Finally, avoiding shoes for a few minutes, which can "constrict" the foot, can help limit the discomfort related to calluses, hallux valgus and calluses. In short: for those who have passed the threshold of the "anta", the thought immediately runs Sandie Shaw, a very young British singer of the 60s who accompanied her performances with a truly unique look: on the stage, in fact, she moved barefoot.

In short: science says that recovering the ancient habit of wandering barefoot around the house (and not only, even if at the moment it is necessary to remain within the home) could prove to be a weapon to improve well-being and physical performance.

Beware of obstacles and balance

The massage of the soil on the extremity of the body can help psychological well-being, as well as helping to improve blood circulation. The mechanisms through which these actions are carried out are different: first of all, the natural massage action that the foot undergoes by coming into direct contact with the ground should be noted. In fact, this simple measure has a relaxing action on the veins and muscles of the foot, which therefore "work" better, without being forced into a shoe. Obviously the effect can be had even after a short time, so you don't have to think about staying barefoot for whole days.

Above all, the contact of the foot with the ground allows to improve the body's ability to balance and perceive the position in which it is found. In some cases, taking care that obviously the floor is not slippery, this "training" effect of the sensations can also be useful for the elderly.

Just for them, when there are no pathologies that could favor falls or in any case a lack of ability to balance the body in space, a few minutes of walking without shoes could be of great help. If you don't feel comfortable in any case, returning to the risk of falls is essential not only to carefully move your feet, but also to pay attention to possible obstacles. Think only of the rugs in the house, which can fold up, thus creating an unexpected obstacle that makes them stumble, increasing the risk of falls. If possible, those who are elderly should avoid these possible unexpected obstacles and above all it would be necessary not to make floors slippery with wax.

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