Sydne Rome turns 70, career, husband and daughters

Sydne Rome compie 70 anni, carriera, marito e figlie

Actress, aerobics guru, singer and also writer: the career and private life of Sydne Rome

Film, television, but also music and aerobic gymnastics: Sydne Rome turns 70 and over the course of her career she has taken part in numerous interesting projects in Italy and abroad, becoming an icon of beauty and talent.

Busy on the work front, happy grandmother and deeply attached to her husband Roberto Bernabei, Sydne Rome was born in Akron in the United States on March 17, 1951 and made her big screen debut at a very young age in 1969 in the comedy directed by Ralph Thomas Some Girls Lo do. Many films: on the big screen Sydne Rome has worked with great directors and actors. Can you remember it in Che? (1972) by Roman Polanski which sees her work alongside Marcello Mastroianni, The 1974 Arrivist directed by Pierre Granier – Deferre with Alain Delon, Baby sitter – A cursed mess directed by René Clément in 1975, Bourgeois madmen by Claude Chabrol, Gigolo from 1978 in which he starred with David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich.

There are also numerous works in Italy both for the big screen and for television. Among the films she can be remembered in Arrivano i mine directed by Nini Salern, most recently she worked on three films directed by Pupi Avati: The Hideout, The Youngest Son, The Big Heart of the Girl and Opposite Poles, directed by Max Croci in 2015. For TV he worked, for example, in the miniseries Padre Pio – Between heaven and earth directed by Giulio Base, Don Matteo and the miniseries Callas and Onassis, just to mention a few.

In addition to having taken part in some television programs, he recorded some successful songs and promoted aerobic gymnastics. In the latter sector she was a real star for some time and was followed by many people.

Sydne Rome, however, did not stop at the world of entertainment: in 2019 her book Mindflness for crazy parents was released – Effatà Editrice.

On a personal level since 1987 she has moved with the geriatrician Roberto Bernabei, with him she has adopted two daughters: Vanessa and Jessica, both born in Sao Paulo in Brazil. A few days after her 70th birthday, she gave an interview to the weekly Oggi in which she took stock of her life and also told about the bond with her husband, who recently became Pope Francis's doctor. Di Bernabei said, among other things: "He is the most important person in my life".

She was previously married to the still photographer Emilio Lari and lived important famous relationships, such as the one with Julio Iglesias.

In his past also a difficult moment, as he has told on some occasions. The last when she was a guest of Today is another day of Serena Bortone and she recalled the accident that caused her face problems several years ago.

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