Tablets and smartphones limited to children: the psychologist speaks

Tablets and smartphones limited to children: the psychologist speaks

Tablets and smartphones can be harmful to children's growth, so it's important to limit their use

Tablets and smartphones have recently become one of the favorite games of children. A trend that, according to psychologists, can be harmful.

Technology has now become a part of everyday life for children and it is not uncommon to see children, even under the age of one, playing with smartphones and tablets. Parents often choose these tools to entertain their children, preferring them to "traditional" games. However, this is a mistake, as Maria Rita Parsi, the famous educational psychologist and psychotherapist, also revealed, worried about the spread of this phenomenon in Italy.

"The very young should not have access to smartphones and tablets, while for adolescents access should be limited in time – he told Adnkronos -. If from a very young age these children no longer have time to idle and play, but their imagination is caged by technological games that block movement, smell, imagination and contact with others, the consequences will be seen only in a few years ".

The problem arises above all from the realization that often smartphones and tablets are chosen as baby sitters or soothing for the little ones, precisely for this reason they are changing the way children live. If the technology is not exploited in the right way, it can be particularly harmful for children, who cannot distinguish reality from the virtual.

In the growth phase it is essential that the children experiment and discover the world around them. Putting them in front of a tablet or smartphone screen means taking away this possibility. With time, virtual reality becomes the "real" one, disaccustoming them to everyday life, which is increasingly boring and disappointing. This leads the children to take refuge in the virtual, where they find comfort and the answer to all their needs.

The situation worsens when one enters the adolescent period and results in phenomena such as the Hikikomori, young people fleeing the world, choosing to live only in the virtual: by day they sleep and at night they chat, developing an addiction to smartphones and tablets .

What is the solution? First of all it is important that parents limit the time that the little ones pass in front of the screen, setting precise timetables that must be respected. Secondly, children should return to discovering classic pastimes, such as fairy tales, drawings and stuffed animals. Finally it is a must that even parents, always distracted by smartphones, set a good example.

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