Tachycardia, because it should not be underestimated

Tachycardia, because it should not be underestimated

Palpitations are a rather frequent disorder but should not be neglected. They could be a symptom of serious illnesses such as cancer and infections

In medicine with tachycardia means the increase in the frequency of heart beats beyond the normal or usual limits, due to physiological or pathological causes. This anomaly must never be neglected, because it could hide serious pathologies or have consequences that threaten health permanently.

Tachycardia occurs not only with the accelerated heart rate, but also with nausea, hypertension, vertigo.

The causes that cause it can be various, from excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol to stress and strong emotions. But it can also be caused by intense physical activity, a meal that is too abundant, lack of sleep, the use of drugs such as diuretics and decongestants.

Those most at risk are those over 60, or those who abuse exciting substances such as coffee.

Tachycardia should never be underestimated, especially if it occurs repeatedly. It could in fact be a very dangerous symptom of illness such as tumors, cardiovascular diseases and infections. Therefore, in the presence of tachycardia, consult your doctor.

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