Tailor made beauty: products and brands tailor-made for you

Tailor made beauty: products and brands tailor-made for you

Let’s discover together the personalized beauty treatments: make-up, skincare and haircare made according to your needs and characteristics

beauty tailor madeHow many times have you found yourself with a foundation that looked your color, but didn’t blend well with your skin. How many times has that shampoo looked perfect, but is still missing something to make it truly a must have? Many, indeed many. But luckily all this is now an old memory because today the beauty routine of each has become tailor-made: ad hoc treatments, masks made according to the needs of your skin, shampoos that respond optimally to the needs of skin and hair.

A tailor made beauty routine that we have decided to explore closely by discovering the products and brands that, today, have decided to respond to your (and our) needs 100% with tailor-made solutions.


  • My Formula
  • La Manufacture
  • Shampora
  • Care
  • Bonnie Beauty

My Formula

my formula

Hair, joy and pain of each one. It is useless to deny it: finding the magic formula for each type of hair is not at all easy. And this is precisely where MyFormula comes into play, an Italian startup that wants to involve the end user in the creation of tailor-made haircare products.

Age, gender and lifestyle: these three are the main factors to formulate the most suitable product, also satisfying personal tastes in the fragrance and color of the package. A mix of highly performing ingredients that will adapt best to every type of hair, as well as protect it in every situation.

A few minutes will be enough, a test on your habits, your hair and what you want from your hair. It will then take a few days to get the products, made from time to time just for you. At that point, all you have to do is test them and fall in love with them at the first shampoo.

Try it here: www.my-formula.it

La Manufacture

the manufacture

All, absolutely all, at least once we have the wrong foundation color: too light or too dark, too yellow or too pink. Not only shopping mistakes, but too often we forget that, during the year, the skin changes color thanks to the intervention of the sun’s rays (and be careful not to forget the protection).

So the foundation that matched perfectly in January, maybe in March may not be quite in tone. Or have you never found the right color and undertone for you? There are so many variables and, never as in this case, a tailor-made product is the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

It’s called La Manufacture and it allows you to create a real tailor-made foundation. A kit, designed in Germany, that will allow you to create your own fund whenever and wherever you want. All thanks to the SkinCam to be applied to your smartphone which, thanks to targeted and precise shots, will allow you to measure your skin tone. You will then get the perfect recipe to create the color that will blend with your complexion without any detachment, thanks to the 5 basic shades, contained in the kit, which you will mix to create the perfect foundation.

Yes, in a nutshell you will turn into a little beauty chemist: haven’t you always wanted that?

Try it here: www.la-manufacture.shop


Shampora also deals with hair and ad hoc formulations based on the needs of each type of hair which, it should be remembered, are different according to both the person and external agents such as smog, humidity and more. Pre-mask, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and active water: five products that must not be missing in a careful haircare routine designed for healthy, shiny and nourished hair.

And what about hair dye? It is a beauty treatment that many do not want to give up, not only at a specialized salon, but also with do-it-yourself. And it is precisely in this field that Shampora has decided to revolutionize the world of hair color thanks to customizable colors.

Just answer a few questions about color, hair type and lifestyle habits to get a color tailored to your hair where everything will be studied in detail: from the fragrance, to the final appearance of the hair without forgetting the color and the possibility, or not, to cover white hair.

Try it here: www.shampora.it


noie skincare

Finding the right skincare is a long and not always easy path. Often, in fact, you try products that are perfect for friends and recommended by everyone but that just don’t seem to be decisive for your face. And the fragrances? Sometimes they are the ones that make a product hard to tolerate both for the skin and for the sensation that you get at the end.

Also in this case, the beauty tailored for you comes to your rescue thanks to Nøie, a Danish brand based in Copenhagen, which formulates personalized skin care based on individual profiles and scientifically proven ingredients. Products built by combining the company’s dermatological knowledge with community feedback and individual needs.

Try it here: www.noie.com

Bonnie Beauty

Bonnie beauty

What’s better than a good face mask after a stressful day? On the market, and probably also in your beauty, there are really many and choosing the right one for your skin could be almost tiring. The solution is called Bonnie Beauty and its custom-made sleeping mask, to be used every day or as a booster 2/3 times a week.

Arm yourself with a brush, cream mask and a few hours of beauty sleep, in the true sense of the word, and take advantage of the unique ingredients designed for your needs, your skin and the results you want to achieve. The plus? Made in Italy, Vegan and cruelty free.

Try it here: www.bonniebeauty.it

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