Take advantage of the sales? Watch out for items that will go out of style

Take advantage of the sales? Watch out for items that will go out of style

Not all discounted items deserve our attention, especially those that will already be "out" next year. Here is what you should focus on

When the sales arrive we go crazy all over, and the temptation to buy anything that comes our way is really high. Between what we have always wanted but we could not afford, and what we never thought to buy and now it is cheap, we risk to make hazardous purchases, and take home something we will use the bare essentials this year and not at all next year.

This is the case, for example, of round-tipped dancers, very popular in the past years but now they are starting to get tired. If you really want to buy flat shoes, throw them on the elongated ones: they will have a longer life.

Even the pool slippers used in the city, which depopulated last summer, can be avoided. No one forbids you to buy them, but know that you will soon have to relegate them to the function for which they were born: use on the edge of the bath or in the shower.

Ripped jeans are an evergreen (Charlotte Casiragi Paris Fashion Week 2019), while studs have had their day. Vinyl bags are among the summer trends but is it worth spending money to buy them and use them only a few months?

If you don't have a pair of sunglasses with mirrored lenses yet, it might be worth buying them because they are quite versatile. The frame choose minimal and possibly metal, so at the first sun of next summer you'll be ready to ride the new trend. If you want to follow this year's trends you will find the one that's right for you because there are each: maxi, colorful, tortoises, minimal…

Speaking instead of costumes if you want to be super-trendy you could choose a bikini with high-waisted briefs, but how long will this fashion last? Will we see you again on the beaches next summer? If you don't want to make a mistake, it is better to opt for a nice swimsuit.

To avoid mistakes, opt for basic items, floral dresses, dresses with 90s style shoulder pads and dungarees. Choose minimal lines, so this year's shopping will also be useful in 2020.

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