Taking care of your nails at home like at the beautician? You can: here’s how!

Taking care of your nails at home like at the beautician?  You can: here's how!

Taking care of your nails at home may be more difficult than you think, but to get a good result you just need to avoid the most common mistakes.

Sometimes taking care of your nails isn’t as easy as you might think. Good care and appropriate products are required.

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That’s why we reveal to you the most common mistakes that people commit when taking care of their nails.

Caring for nails at home – avoid these mistakes

We know that nail care takes time and precision, but if done right, you can get a real pro result too.

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For this reason, we want to give you some valuable tips to avoid the mistakes that many people still make.

Preparation is everything to take care of your nails

Preparation is the key to any nail related service. Not just for aesthetic reasons but for longevity. The two important features are to make sure of push cuticles away from the nail plate with a cuticle pusher and finish with a light one polishing using a smoothing block.

Crucial is cleaning: clean or wash away any dust or deposits. Once this is done, use a cotton swab or kitchen roll e a nail cleaner or acetone and pass it on your nails. This will ensure that the product adheres properly to the natural nails.

Do not peel off the gel nails

I know it’s tempting to do this, especially if your nails are chipped or scratched, though it is not the ideal solution. In fact, remember that every time the nails are detached, a layer is removed. This will ensure that next time nails won’t last that long.

Wear gloves when you wash

Put on gloves when you clean and wash dishes and don’t use your nails as tools, for example to remove the label from a product.

Use cuticle oil every day

The daily use of a cuticle oil not only it will keep natural nails and skin healthybut keeps the skin supple, making natural nails nourished and flexible, even with gel.

Go to a salon that uses good brands

Always look for a salon with honest reviews and one that uses well-known brand name products. Make sure you are able to see the qualifications of the team members and that they are able to communicate with youto recommend the right nails according to your desired look.

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