Tale and Quali is unstoppable even without Conti and Renato Zero overwhelms everyone

"Tale e Quali Show" triumphs even without Carlo Conti and the cyclone Renato Zero, surprisingly in the studio, overwhelms everyone

Tale and Which Show, from Pago to Carmen Russo: the most beautiful imitations to review

Despite the absence of Carlo Conti, Tale and Which Show triumphs in ratings thanks to the judges – Giorgio Panariello, Vincenzo Salemme and Loretta Goggi – to Enrico Brignano and to the surprise of Renato Zero. The program, orphan of the management of Conti, hospitalized after testing positive for Coronavirus, has not lost its enamel and has totaled record ratings.

The Rai Uno program reached 3,969,000 spectators, equal to a 17.6% share. An extraordinary result, arrived despite the absence of Carlo, the backbone of the show. Presenting were the three judges: Giorgio Panariello, Vincenzo Salemme and Loretta Goggi, accompanied by Enrico Brignano and Gabriele Cirilli. Conti spoke by telephone to reassure everyone about his health conditions: “I want to thank you all. I'm here in the hospital and I'm looking at you – he said -. You are doing very well, it will be a great bet. I also wanted to be there to give my memory to Gigi Proietti and then because it is the week against cancer, an important week ".

There were moving moments, with Loretta Goggi announcing the death of Stefano D’Orazio, Pooh's drummer: "I didn't know he was sick – he said -, but I was very attached to him and we spent many adventures together. Unfortunately he had pathologies, but Covid took him away too. It was Covid ”. Tears, but also laughter at Tale and Which Show where the cyclone Renato Zero arrived to change everything.

The singer made his surprise entrance on stage during the performance of Pago and Agostino Penna. Both engaged in the imitation of the Roman artist, they were speechless. Giorgio Panariello, on the jury, joked with Renato Zero, talking about his most famous imitation. "How much money did you make me spend on wigs," he said. The presence of “three Zeri” in front of the cameras provoked the jokes of the judges. "You are not very similar", exclaimed Enrico Brignano and Renato replied: "You are a rascal!". The guest of the great singer ended on the notes of The Best Years, a song sung by everyone, amidst emotion and applause.

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