Tale and Which Show, Giulia Sol reveals the gesture of Alessandra Amoroso

Tale e Quale Show, Giulia Sol rivela il gesto di Alessandra Amoroso

Giulia Sol reveals the gesture of Alessandra Amoroso after the attacks for the imitation of "Tale and Quali Show"

Giulia Sol reveals the very sweet gesture of Alessandra Amoroso at the end of Tale and Which Show. Among the great protagonists of this edition of Carlo Conti's program is the actress. The 25-year-old ended up at the center of the controversy, victim of terrible accusations and attacks after imitating the singer from Salento.

In an interview with the weekly Gente, Giulia revealed that she suffered greatly from the insults received on social media. In particular, what hurt the Sol were the words of the users about a small physical defect: the squint. "The make-up was not perfect – said the artist of Tale and Which Show, speaking of that imitations -, the similarity was not perfect, and maybe I didn't like it, but the thing that left me speechless is that to hit my own little flaw. I have a very slight squint, nothing that has to do with vision: it is due to the shape of my face. If you want it can be a flaw, but for me it is normal, even a point of distinction ”.

Giulia Sol suffered a lot from the criticisms and attacks received after imitating Tale and Which Show. Luckily Alessandra Amoroso arrived to help her. The singer first called Giulia privately to console her and give her courage, then intervened publicly on social media to show her support for the competitor of the Conti program. “There have been many offenses and criticisms – he admitted -, but even more messages of support and affection. Alessandra Amoroso, just to name one, was very sweet ”.

Amoroso once again showed her big heart and helped Sol through a difficult time. "The problem is when I began to see thousands, thousands, thousands of threats, offenses, insults again – Giulia Sol said a few days ago, explaining how much the imitation of the singer had penalized her -. Some people wished me death for doing an imitation in a program that is a game. I kept a press blackout about it because I didn't live it well at all. It has become very very heavy to a certain extent ”.

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