Tale and Which Show, Pago's revenge after the (too many) gossip about private life

At "Tale e Quali Show" comes the well-deserved revenge of Pago after the (too many) gossip on private life that did not do justice to his talent

The revenge of Pago comes with Tale and Which Show after the many – too many – gossip about his private life. In the last period, the singer's artistic events had been set aside a bit to make room for his tormented love story with Serena Enardu and the relationship with the ex Miriana Trevisan. A few months ago, at the presentation of the cast of Tale and Which Show, Carlo Conti was clear: “Do I pay? In the last year there has been a lot of talk about his private life – he said – but not everyone remembers that he is, first of all, a great artist, with a long apprenticeship behind him. And I would like to give him the opportunity to be appreciated for his craft and his voice ".

No sooner said than done. From the first episode of the Rai program, Pago has attracted attention to itself. In the role of Francesco Gabbani, he even moved the artist, who complimented him on Instagram, then it was the turn of Fabrizio Moro, Rino Gaetano and Bruce Springsteen. Pacifico Settembre walked the stage of Tale and Quali Show singing Dancing in the dark and a well-deserved standing ovation came for him. One episode after another I pay reminded us of his talent and why in 2005 everyone – absolutely everyone – sang his I speak of you.

Humility and sensitivity have always characterized this arist who unfortunately in the last period had been entangled in the mechanisms of gossip. With intelligence, Pago was able to shake off any preconceptions about him, refusing to ride the wave of gossip and getting back into the game. The result was a resounding success and the confirmation of how much Tale and Which Show is able to highlight the true talent of some artists. In fact, in recent years many seemed to have forgotten how good the Quartu Sant’Elena singer was. After ten singles and two albums he had ended up at the center of media attention for his loves.

First the one with Miriana Trevisan, with whom she had her son Nicola, then the one with Serena Enardu. With the latter, the farewell had been experienced in the spotlight, first at Temptation Island Vip, then at GF Vip and finally on Instagram. Today Pago seems to have forgotten the past and has returned to his first love, that of music, which gave him the right redemption.

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