Tale and Which Show, surprise for Carmen Russo. And Pago excites with Moro


At "Tale e Quali Show" unexpected surprise for Carmen Russo's performance. And Pago gives great emotions

Tale and Which Show, the official cast unveiled: the competitors of the 2020 edition

New appointment for Tale and Which Show, which saw the ten VIP protagonists perform, once again, between impressive transformations and engaging performances. Judging the performances the jury composed of Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello. The role of judge of exception was this time covered by imitator and comedian Ubaldo Pantani.

The ten protagonists have now entered the spirit of the program, which aims at fun, but also at irony and knowing how to get involved.

After taking on the role of Sabrina Salerno, Carmen Russo who played Raffaella Carrà. At the moment of the performance she found a pleasant surprise on stage: her husband Enzo Paolo Turchi, who was also a historical companion of the most famous helmet on TV in the video of the song Tuca Tuca. The rehearsal was amazing and ironic at the right point: Russo managed to re-propose what was the spirit of the original piece.

At the end of the performance, another gift for Carmen Russo: the live phone call from Raffaella Carrà, who complimented the two, commenting “Carramba what a couple!”.

But to win the hearts of the public, viewers and jury was certainly Pago, who gave great emotions by performing with the song Portami via by Fabrizio Moro. For him a well-deserved standing ovation.

"You are surprising", admitted Giorgio Panariello, who then added: "Whoever told me so, I swear … Same, identical". Congratulations from the comedian Ubaldo Pantani, who noted how the competitor was able to imitate, as well as the voice, also the movements of the songwriter.

Loretta Goggi then expressed a positive opinion on Pago, as during the other appointments: “It is from the first episode that I have been studying it and I see it creeps into the characters with a mastery more as an actor than a singer. You have been truly exceptional. Then you took all the high, clumsy notes, just like Fabrizio Moro sings. And I must say that I didn't mind the makeup either ”.

Salemme also agrees, jokingly emphasizing that he is increasingly amazed at how good I pay is. The contestants also gave their best to entertain the viewers, managing to show their talent too.

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