Tania Cagnotto pregnant again announces the withdrawal on Instagram

Tania Cagnotto pregnant again announces the withdrawal on Instagram

Tania Cagnotto announces on Instagram that she is pregnant again and withdraws from the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Tania Cagnotto is pregnant for the second time and on Instagram announces her retirement from the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. The sportswoman, already undecided about her future in the pool, had postponed the choice regarding the new races in September, but fate decided for her . On social media Tania has revealed that she is expecting her second child, which is why she will not take part in Tokyo 2021.

“I told you that around September I would decide whether or not to continue my way to Tokyo. It was a really difficult choice – he confessed -. On the one hand the desire to participate in my 6th Olympics as a mother with the great dream of carrying the flag and on the other the desire to expand the family. Well yes, this time I chose life, family and shortly after destiny wanted to give me a new life inside of me, already happy for my choice ".

"I know that many of you wanted to see me once again on the trampoline – wrote Cagnotto – and I'm sorry to have disappointed you but in this lockdown, as has happened to many others, I had time to reflect and understand what was most important for myself. I no longer had that willpower (which guided me for 20 years) to commit myself and sacrifice myself in the way an Olympics requires! I have always honored all the Olympics and I couldn't not do it again! ".

"Thank you Francesca Dallapè for convincing me to take on this crazy challenge and for letting me go back to dreaming of something big like a mothers Olympics – he added -. And once again thanks to all of you, who have changed my mind … you who gave me the strength to restart the machine … you who have always supported me with messages of esteem and affection! I promise you that I will make you participate in my life again and in any case this is just a goodbye to the world of diving because I believe I can still give something in another capacity. (And then Maya will need a coach) ”.

35 years old, daughter of art and world gold from the trampoline, Tania has been married since 2016 to Stefano Parolin and is the mother of Maya who is 2 years old. After the announcement, many wished the sportswoman for her new pregnancy, including Filippo Magnini who left swimming just to build a family and will soon become a father thanks to his partner Giorgia Palmas.

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