Tania Cagnotto, the sweet portrait of a family waiting for the baby

Tania Cagnotto, the sweet portrait of a family waiting for the baby

Tania Cagnotto, expecting her second daughter, has published a very tender family portrait, the last in three

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Tania Cagnotto lived her second pregnancy on social media, updating her followers on gestation and sharing moments of tenderness with the firstborn Maya. The sportswoman posted the last family portrait of three on Instagram, before the arrival of her second daughter.

The shot is very tender: in the photo Cagnotto appears radiant and smiling together with her husband Stefano Parolin, tight in a sweet embrace with their Maya. The sportswoman accompanied the post with the caption “-1 at the end💣💣 who knows when you decide 😜 what date do you say ??”.

Obviously there was no lack of comments from fans, who followed all the stages of Cagnotto's pregnancy with their affection: “She arrives a few days late. Women like to make people wait ", wrote one user," How beautiful you are ", commented another, while a follower expressed all her happiness with the words" How wonderful, we are waiting for you ".

By now, the birth of her second child is actually very close, and it is clear that now she can't wait to hold her in his arms.

In August Tania had always announced on Instagram that she was pregnant for the second time, which is why she had also explained that she would not have continued the path to take part in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. of that moment: “It was a really difficult choice. On the one hand the desire to participate in my sixth Olympics as a mother with the great dream of carrying the flag and on the other the desire to expand the family. Well yes, this time I chose life, family and shortly after destiny wanted to give me a new life inside of me, already happy for my choice ".

The one formed by Tania Cagnotto and her husband Stefano Parolin, married in a fairytale ceremony in 2016, is a family ready to expand: after Maya, born in 2018, the two will become parents of another child. The champion did not want to give any clue about the name chosen for her daughter and will probably reveal it at the time of the announcement of the birth.

Now that father Giorgio has returned home after fighting against Covid, Tania will be able to face these last days before giving birth even more serene, ready to welcome her baby girl.

Tania Cagnotto

Tania Cagnotto, the family portrait

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