Tartan: inspiration for winter

Tartan: inspiration for winter

Here are some look ideas on how to wear the tartan pattern this winter!

Tartan is a purely winter pattern: it recalls warm scarves, wool skirts and party looks! But tartan is not only this: it is a patten that we can wear even away from the parties in glamorous, elegant, but also casual looks. Let’s see some of them together!

How to wear tartan

Woolrish scarf and shirt, Le Pandorine birsa, Alessandro Enriquez t-shirt

How to wear tartan: royal

When it comes to tartan, we can’t help but think of the legendary Duchess of Cambridge, that is Kate Middleton, who occasionally shows off with great grace and elegance, tartan coats in blue, scarves in red and so on and so forth. Worn as she puts it, therefore with tone-on-tone garments or those that reflect the very ladylike colors and accessories, the tartan immediately becomes classy and stylish. But that’s not the only way to wear it!

How to wear tartan

How to wear tartan: bold

For example, take a look at how the super top Irina Shayk wears tartan: in the meantime she chooses an unusual mix of colors, such as yellow and purple. Then he adds a pair of almost knee-high kombat boots, which make the ensemble super gritty. Of course, not all of us mere mortals have Irina Shayk’s legs, so what to do? Well, we can limit ourselves to the patterned jacket and wear a pair of cropped trousers. Kombat boots, on the other hand, are also for us! The fact of opting for a less “classic” color mix, however, remains the best choice to make the tartan more modern and fresh.

How to wear tartan

How to wear tartan: classy

You can also wear your tartan coat in a classy chic version, combining at least one garment in a contrasting color, as Amanda Holden does. If you want to add some oomph to the ensemble, go with the pumps, as they age, and put on a nice chunky moccasin, perhaps with opaque stockings. If the legs are your strong point and you are under the door, you can also dare with a micro patterned tights!

How to wear tartan

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